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Abel GWell, most adults need about 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night, not just to feel rested the following day, but also to improve overall health. So, do you sleep well? Daytime tiredness might be a sign that you could be having a sleep disorder like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or insomnia.

Therefore, if you feel that you could be having a problem with your sleep, then all you need is a sleep specialist near you to help you figure out why you don’t sleep well and then find solutions that will help you get the much-needed rest you deserve.

Fortunately, there are several sleep specialists in Atlanta, Georgia that you can approach for help. Below is a list of the top 10 best sleep specialists in Atlanta, GA for you to consider.

Top 10 Sleep Specialists in Atlanta

  1. Emory Sleep Center – they provide care for all types of sleep disorders in a relaxed environment with complete therapeutics
  2. Walter James MD – one of the best specialists in sleep medicine
  3. Paul Zolty, MD – offers help in all aspects of sleep medicine as well as pulmonary medicine
  4. Piedmont Physicians Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine – they have specialized in various treatments and management of sleep disorders, allergies, and lung diseases
  5. Healthy Sleep Atlanta – they’re committed to ensuring that their clients achieve healthy sleep
  6. Wellstar Sleep Center  – offers help with a variety of sleep disorder treatments using advanced therapies
  7. North Atlanta Pulmonary & Sleep Specialists – they offer expert, advisory as well as therapy services
  8. Mathew Schmitt, MD – treats sleep medicine and pulmonary clients as well as a supplier of intensive care coverage
  9. Dr. Ghazala Quraishi – best sleep specialist with over 20 years of experience
  10. Russell Rosenberg, MD – a specialist in sleep medicine and offers personalized attention to his patients

1. Emory Sleep Center

If you’re having trouble achieving the best sleep, then you need the best sleep specialist in town, and there’s no better place to start than Emory sleep center. The center offers the best care for all types of sleep disorders. Besides, they provide expert services in one of the most relaxed environments using complete diagnostics as well as therapeutics.

The center features a team of up to 12 skilled interdisciplinary providers, whereby ten of them are all board-certified sleep specialists. There are also nurse practitioners that have all completed specialized training as well as education in sleep medicine. Therefore, you can be assured that they’ll have all the remedies for your sleep problems.

The center offers all forms of sleep testing, traditional as well as cutting-edge therapies. They’ll help with conditions such as sleep apnea, hypersomnia, periodic limb movements (PLM), restless legs syndrome (RLS), parasomnia, and narcolepsy.

Furthermore, they have some of the most affordable pricing rates, meaning you won’t struggle to pay for their services. They’re available all days of the week and you can call them for appointments; they attend to walk-ins as well.


Address: 12 Executive Park Drive Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30329

Phone: (404) 712-7533


2. Walter James MD

Walter James has specialized in sleep medicine, and once you reach out to him, you can be assured that you’ll get all your sleep problems solved efficiently. He’s an alumnus of Tulane Medical School, and he completed his residency at the University Hospital in San Diego, CA.

Walter is board-approved in rest medicine, pulmonary disease, internal medicine, and critical care. Therefore, he offers a plethora of services that you can be assured that you’ll get exceptional care.

He ensures that all his clients get personalized attention all the time. He’s also available any time of the day throughout the week for walk-ins as well as consultations. Interestingly, you don’t have to worry about spending a handful; he has arguably some of the most competitive price rates across Atlanta.

Apart from being a qualified and experienced specialist, Walter is part of the American Thoracic Society, Southern Sleep Society, and the American Sleep Disorders Alliance. Furthermore, he’s the creator of the Sleep Society of Atlanta as well as the founding member of the Georgia Association of Sleep Professionals. Therefore, whenever you contact him, you can be guaranteed of best sleep results.


Address: 275 Collier Rd NW STE 300, Atlanta, GA 30309

Phone: 404-350-0009


3. Paul Zolty, MD

Paul Zolty, MD offers a variety of services to the people of Atlanta. He has specialized in sleep & cardiovascular disease, diseases & abnormal sleep behavior, obstructive sleep apnea, and many others.

He acquired his medical degree after finishing his academic studies at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, and his residency at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center. Therefore, he’s one of the most qualified sleep specialists in the city that you can trust to handle all your sleep problems.

Moreover, he offers customized attention to all his clients in a friendly and professional manner. He utilizes the latest technology equipment for diagnosis and therapy. All the services are competitively priced, meaning your pockets won’t have to suffer a lot.

Also, he comes with a lot of experience in the field; having offered services for over 10 years. Therefore, he understands almost everything when it comes to sleep medicine.

Moreover, he’s a part of the American Sleep Disorders Association and the American College of Chest Physicians. He has a special interest as well as knowledge in pulmonary medicine and is very reliable to earth. He’s also very much flexible in caring for clients.


Address: 275 Collier Rd NW Suite 300, Atlanta, GA 30309

Phone: 404-350-0009


4. Piedmont Physicians Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine

The center specializes in the treatment as well as management of lung diseases, allergies, and sleep disorders. The standout thing about this facility is the fact that they feature not only board-certified sleep specialists but also the most experienced staff.

Once you approach them, you’re guaranteed the best reception, friendly as well as professional customized attention.

They treat a variety of sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and obstructive and central sleep apnea. Furthermore, they offer customized pulmonary treatment for chronic bronchitis, COPD, allergy and asthma, cough, and many others.

It’s one of the largest centers that cater to the entire Georgia area. They are open on Monday-Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and on Saturday & Sunday, they’re closed. You can easily contact them for an appointment or just have a walk-in.


Address: 275 Collier Road NorthWest, Suite 300, Atlanta, GA 30309

Phone: (404) 350-0009


5. Healthy Sleep Atlanta

healthy sleep atlanta

Healthy Sleep Atlanta features some of the best sleep specialists in Atlanta, GA that is committed to helping the people in the city achieve healthy sleep. In fact, the center was established several years ago out of the exceptional commitment of sleep specialists that wanted to help folk sleep well.

For years now, that spirit of helping people lives on and with advanced technology and equipment, the center is even better now. They have board-certified and experienced sleep specialists in Atlanta that will handle any problem that a client might present.

They utilize a multi-skilled approach to ensure that their patients achieve healthy sleep. Besides, they’re strategically located, so you can easily reach out to them for assistance.

They offer specialized services in various areas including sleep apnea, oral appliance therapy, snoring, and obstructive sleep apnea among others. They’re available throughout the week and their services are pocket-friendly.

So, if you’re struggling with a snoring partner or sleep apnea, then they’re your best opportunity to restore your comfortable sleep.


Address: 3621 Vinings Slope SE #4350, Atlanta, GA 30339

Phone: 770-444-9393


6. Wellstar Sleep Center

Are you looking for a place that will take care of your sleep problems and other sleep-related problems? Wellstar Sleep Center at Atlanta Medical Center offers a plethora of disorder treatments. They’re the one-stop center that you can’t afford to visit in case you need to get your sleep on track.

They have a team of experts that treat sleep disorders with some of the most advanced therapies like OAT, AVAPS, Inspire, and Respicardia. There’s no denying that they’re one of the most modern centers that you can trust to handle your sleep problems to perfection at affordable rates.

Furthermore, they offer safe sleep studies to children that are as young as 2 years, with parents also in the testing room. Moreover, they take care of bariatric patients of all sizes thanks to their high-tech equipment as well as a comfortable testing environment.

For convenience, they offer at-home testing as well as can even deliver sleep equipment to your doorstep. Therefore, it’s easy to say that they’re a must-visit option if you’re looking to get your sleep comfort back.

The sleep center usually operates during the night hours to accommodate sleep study patients.


Address: 303 Parkway Drive Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30312

Phone: (470) 644-1755


7. North Atlanta Pulmonary & Sleep Specialists

This is a full-service exercise that specializes in rest medicine as well as the therapy and diagnosis of diseases influencing the respiratory system. They serve the entire Atlanta area and its surrounding.

They have the top board-certified physicians; David Westerman and Drs. Robert Albin operates together to offer the patients the best possible results. In fact, they always ensure that they provide their patients with the highest quality care possible.

They provide advisory, expert, and therapy services for various sleep disorders as well as pulmonary disorders. They’re available most days of the week and you can be assured that your pockets won’t feel much pain – their prices are affordable.


Address: 993 Johnson Ferry Road NE, Bldg C, #300, Atlanta, GA 30342

Phone: 404-250-4530


8. Mathew Schmitt, MD

Not all sleep specialists can offer personalized attention to their clients. However, with Matthew Schmitt, MD, you’ll get arguably the best attention a patient will ever get. He offers the best treatment in various categories including sleep medicine, pulmonary disease, internal medicine, and critical care medicine.

Matthew obtained his degree in medicine after graduating from St. George’s University School of Medicine. He then went ahead to accomplish his fellowships in sleep medicine and pulmonary disease from Norwalk Hospital.

He’s one of the most qualified and experienced sleep specialists in Atlanta that you can trust to handle your sleep difficulties. He also supplies intensive care coverage at Piedmont Atlanta. Moreover, has a special interest in COPD, central sleep apnea, and hindering sleep apnea.


Address: 275 Collier Rd NW Suite 300, Atlanta, GA 30309

Phone: 404-350-0009


9. Dr. Ghazala Quraishi

She’s a specialist in child neurology, sleep medicine, and neurology. For over 20 years, she has been serving the people of Atlanta helping them achieve healthy sleep. Interestingly, she speaks English and Spanish, meaning she can get along with a wide category of patients.

Over the years, she has won three awards as a result of being the best sleep specialist in the city. Besides, she’s board-certified and is affiliated with the top hospitals in Georgia and other areas such as Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Hughes Spaulding.

She offers trusted diagnoses as well as personalized attention to her patients. She’ll help you with insomnia and other diseases. She’s a member of the American Academy of Neurology as well as the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.


Address: 8010 Roswell Rd Suite 140 Atlanta, GA 30350

Phone: (470) 747-8989


10. Russell Rosenberg, MD

sleep doctors in atlanta ga

Sleep doesn’t have to be a problem. However, if you need to visit a sleep specialist in Atlanta, then you better consider Dr. Russell as he offers exceptional personalized attention to his clients. He’s always available at has time to diagnose the patient and listen to his clients before proceeding with treatments.

He’s board-certified and a specialist in sleep medicine, making him one of the most trusted sleep specialists in Atlanta.


 Address: 1100 Johnson Ferry Rd Ste 420 Atlanta, GA 30342

Phone: (404) 851-9934



Sleep specialists work in various locations, and it can be intimidating to find the best sleep specialist in Atlanta, Georgia. To ensure that you get an easy ride in picking the best option, our list consists of arguably the best 10 sleep specialists in Atlanta that you can select from. Make your call today and achieve your healthy sleep.

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