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Abel GDo you live in Portland, Oregon, and are stressed about unwanted or unused rubbish in your office or home? The good news is that you don’t have to worry anymore about it. All you need is to pick the best rubbish removal in Portland near you, and you can be assured of 100% safe as well as affordable rubbish removal services.

There’s no denying that there are several rubbish removal services in Portland, OR, meaning your selection process might be a daunting one. However, to ensure that you have a seamless selection process, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 rubbish removal companies in Portland that you can consider to do a perfect job.

Top 10 Portland’s Rubbish Removal Companies

  1.     Metro Junk Solutions Inc. – the most highly rated and affordable rubbish removal company in Portland
  2.     Junk It Junk Removal – the best junk removal in Portland and its surrounding
  3.     Junk King – offers the best eco-friendly and efficient junk removal services
  4.     Portland Junk Removal – the best junk removal company with a plethora of services
  5.     Maids by Trade – offers customized services since 2000
  6.     The Smooth Movers – one of the most affordable junk removal companies in Portland, OR
  7.     Junk-N-Joe Removal and Hauling – a junk removal company that offers both residential and commercial services
  8.     Affordable Junk Removal LLC. – offers fast and comprehensive junk removal services
  9.     Cleaning Crew – features a cleaning standard procedure that involves completing a 100-item checklist
  10. Good Garbage Junk Removal, Hauling, and Recycling – the best company that offers cheaper and fast junk removal services

1. Metro Junk Solutions Inc.

This is one of the most highly rated rubbish removal companies in Portland as it offers quality services to individuals in the city and the surrounding. They have a team of highly skilled and talented experts that ensures quality service delivery.

They have trucks for collecting rubbish across the city, and they’re all fully equipped with troves of specialized and essential gear to perfectly execute the rubbish removal process excellently, safely, and quickly.

Moreover, their equipment is capable of removing small items, oversized stuff as well as everything in between. Therefore, you can be assured that they’ll perform wonderful work from standard rubbish calls to more extensive rubbish projects.

Apart from offering services to their clients, they aim to make the environment clean by recycling debris whenever possible. In addition, they offer free n0-obligation quotes.

If you have anything to do with an appliance, deck, mattress, hot tub, furniture, debris removal, estate, electronic waste, commercial junk, or garage cleanout rubbish types, they’re readily available for service. All you have to do is contact them for an immediate response.


Address: 1866 NW Aspen Avenue, Portland, OR 97210

Phone: (503) 521-6019


2. Junk It Junk Removal

junk it portland rubbish removal company

Junk it junk removal offers service to clients in Portland as well as its surrounding area. They’re one of the best options you call to help you out as they’re always committed to providing the best customer service.

Besides, they have a dedicated team that once they’re on-site completes the task at hand not only very fast but also in the most cost-effective way. The fact that they are equipped with all the essential tools as well as transportation options; they’re arguably the best option that you can consider.

They offer a variety of services including residential junk, office furniture, and construction debris removal. Also, they provide hoarder clean-up services as well as estate cleaning services. Moreover, you’ll get day porter and real estate rubbish removal services.

Perhaps, they’re outstanding on all levels as they not only make rubbish removal pleasant but also do their work in a quick, respectful, and professional way.


Address: 4618 NE 86th Ave, Portland, OR 97220

Phone: (503) 647-4399


3. Junk King

For several years now, junk king has been offering comprehensive rubbish removal to Portland residents at exceptional rates. They’re committed to offering eco-friendly as well as efficient rubbish removal services.

They’re equipped with all the necessary equipment and resources to help in hauling various items across the city and its surrounding.

They help in various junk removal services like furniture, appliances, hot tubs, refrigerators, foreclosure cleanouts, trash and garbage removal, yard and construction waste, e-waste, and mattress disposal.

Moreover, they have well-qualified staff as well as truck drivers that offer friendly but professional services. You can be assured that they’ll exceed your expectations. For commercial rubbish removal, they provide storage facilities as well as property management cleanouts.

They’re always available any day of the week any time you need them. Also, they offer recycling services for residents.


Address: 8195 SouthWest Hunziker Street, Portland, OR 97223

Phone: (503) 549-4734


4. Portland Junk Removal

If you’re in Portland, Oregon and you want the best rubbish removal that offers a plethora of services, then you don’t have to look any further; Portland junk removal offers the best removal options in the city.

First, they have several trucks as well as pickups to carry out their services efficiently. For instance, their 6-yard pickup provides a 2 to the 4-man team for rubbish removal. Moreover, there’s a 20-yard dump truck as well as a 17-foot box truck that ensures they have easy transportation of junk.

The team is equipped with resources to make the entire process seamless. For instance, they come with lifting straps, dollies, ties, and piano boards. Besides, they have hand trucks, mover pads, and tools.

They offer various services like moving pianos, pool tables, safes, hot tubs, and many others. They’ll simply ensure that your property is clean as well as sanitized after they haul the items out.


Address: Portland, OR

Phone: (503) 953-6537


5. Maids by Trade

This is a professional house cleaning service in Portland and its surrounding areas that offers customizable junk removal services to clients since 2000. They offer excellent services such as eco cleaning, post-construction cleaning, deep cleaning, and house moving cleaning.

Moreover, they use pet-friendly and eco-friendly cleaning supplies to ensure that they not only keep the environment protected but also other living organisms in it.

They have the most experienced staff that offer friendly and professional services that will make you call them again over and over.  They always offer a 24-hour guarantee on their work.

Interestingly, they offer services in three different price ranges so that you can choose the one that suits you the most – all their prices are customer-friendly. They’re available any time of the week and will instantly respond to your call.


Address: 4439 SE Johnson Creek Blvd, Portland, OR 97222

Phone: (503) 256-1160


6. The Smooth Movers

Whether you’re moving out or in, if you’re looking to get rid of trash accumulated in your office or home, you just need to reach the smooth movers for quality service delivery. They handle almost any size and shape of rubbish removal jobs.

They ensure that they reduce the customer’s stress by merely offering full-service rubbish removal services at absolutely affordable prices. Besides, they abide by the rubbish removal regulations conducted by the federal government.

Their rubbish removal process starts once you get in contact with them thanks to their well-informed, insured, and licensed junk removal professionals that offer efficient service within minutes.

They do all the loading, sorting, recycling, and disposal tasks. However, their primary job is getting rid of rubbish. Interestingly, they won’t keep you waiting as they offer same-day rubbish removal services to both commercial and residential clients.


Address: 12228 NW Barnes Rd #87, Portland, OR 97229

Phone: (503) 719-98662


7. Junk-N-Joe Removal and Hauling

It’s one junk service provider that is dedicated to offering rubbish removal services to both commercial and residential places. They’re the best option whenever you want to remove single items from your home or office. However, they offer services to multiple truckloads – meaning, whichever task you could be having; they are ready to perform the job.

In fact, they’re a premier rubbish removal company that has been in the market for more than 40 years. Besides, they help to donate as well as recycle a great percentage of the load.

They have the most committed staff that will always arrive in uniform and on time – they as well perform the task within the shortest time possible and with great perfection.

They feature a plethora of residential rubbish removal services like hauling, rubbish removal, labor, and recycling. In addition, they offer warehouse, apartment, foreclosure, and office clean-out services.

Moreover, you can reach out to them for construction site cleanup as well as light demolition services. They’re readily available – only a phone call away for excellent service delivery.


Address:  19830 NE Davis St, Portland, OR 97230

Phone:  (503) 421-7941


8. Affordable Junk Removal LLC.

affordable junk removal llc in portland or

If you’re looking for rubbish removal in Portland with extensive rubbish removal experience and knowledge, then Affordable Junk Removal LLC by Tiffany is the one. They always deliver the highest standard junk removal services to clients.

Their team offers fast as well as comprehensive rubbish removal services to all clients at affordable prices. In fact, they ensure that they always provide personalized solutions to clients at all times.

They handle various junk options such as construction cleanup, furniture, garage cleanouts, hardscape, hot tub, electronics, compost, automotive parts, estate sales cleanouts, and household items. Moreover, they offer timely and professional residual and commercial rubbish removal services to Portland residents and its surrounding.

Besides, they ensure proper recycling, disposal as well as transportation of junk. Their services are generally reliable, affordable, and environmental-friendly.


Address: 6639 SouthEast 65th Avenue, Portland, OR 97206

Phone: (503) 354-7887


9. Cleaning Crew

The cleaning crew is merely a locally operated as well as family-owned business and servers the entire Portland area and its environs with excellent rubbish removal services. The company has a standard cleaning procedure that involves completing a 100-item checklist.

The company is the best option when it comes to deep cleaning services that include baseboards, refrigerators, ovens, windows, and ceiling fans. Every deep cleaning service is completed with sanitizing and non-toxic mist treatment. Therefore, you can be confident that they’ll leave behind a completely clean and safe environment.

Additionally, they offer cleaning services for rental and business property owners. They have employed a streamlined process that uses digital tools to ensure not only consistent service but also exceptionally done tasks.

They are available all the time, and whenever you call them into action, they respond immediately. They have the friendliest team that’s dedicated to offering a professional and standard job.


Address: 2323 SE Tamarack Ave, Portland, OR 97214

Phone: (503) 389-0790


10. Good Garbage Junk Removal, Hauling, and Recycling

Sometimes it’s always a no-brainer for one to look for a service provider that offers not only quick services but also affordable services. Therefore, we can understand if you’re looking for the best rubbish removal in Portland that offers fast and affordable services. Luckily, Good Garbage Junk Removal, Hauling, and Recycling offer such services.

Besides, they’ll one of the companies that offer clean as well as sustainable services to Portland clients.

They offer a range of services that include hauling away furniture, shed clutter, construction debris, rental property mess, tenant mess, computers, mixed martial arts, and yard tools. They have the best equipped to ensure that they deliver standard services.

Moreover, they dispose of Styrofoam, roofing material, and wood. Additionally, you can get some martial arts training as they offer mixed martial arts classes to different work athletes as well as gym members.


Address: 5607 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR 97206

Phone: (503) 333-7590



Perhaps, everything has its expiration date, even your household items, electronic appliances, furniture, and many others. Nevertheless, if there’s something at home or office that’s useless and needs removal, it’s your responsibility to haul it away. Therefore, you need the best junk removal service to help you perform that task. Fortunately, we’ve offered you the best rubbish removal in Portland, OR that you can select from to carry out that job perfectly. They are only a phone call away!

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