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Abel GEveryone needs a break from a busy daily schedule, and for most folks, the best pub will do the trick. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer to know the best pubs near you. Fortunately, there are several pubs in Mesa, Arizona that you can consider spending your late evening.

But how will you find the best pub that will suit your needs?

There are several features that qualify a pub into the category of being the best in town. We’ve saved you the hassle by selecting the top 10 best pubs in Mesa that will undoubtedly serve you best. The selection depends on the type of services they offer, convenience, pricing, and several other factors.

Top 10 Bars in Mesa, Arizona

  1. Slaughterhouse what the hell bar and grill – one of the finest pubs in Mesa that offers the best foods and drinks
  2. The Draft Sports Grill – the best place that offers full-package entertainment 
  3. 12 West Brewing – Downtown Mesa – best known for its 12 craft beer taps
  4. Time Out Sports Bar & Grill – a place where you can grab a drink and chill 
  5. Beer Research Institute – the best place for craft beer drinkers
  6. Echo 5 Sports Pub – a sports bar like no other
  7. Uncle Bear’s Grill & Tap – the best place for great drinks and food
  8. On The Green Sports Grill – an all-in-one pub
  9. O’Kelly’s Sports Bar & Grill – is among the best community bars in Mesa that offer excellent food, entertainment, and live singing
  10. The Hub Grill and Bar – the best place to dine in with the best wings available

1. Slaughterhouse what the hell bar and grill

Are you looking for the best pub where you can watch your favorite team play while enjoying your beer? Slaughterhouse what the hell bar and grill is the place for you. They offer arguably everything you need to feel refreshed and relaxed.

Besides, you’ll be served excellent food that will crown your evening. They have ideal outdoor seating that’s covered, which means you can enjoy the evening breeze comfortably.

Interestingly, they feature live music, especially during the weekends to make your weekend lively. Also, they have pool tables, private lot parking, offer reusable tableware, happy hour specials, free Wi-Fi, and many other services.

They have the friendliest waiters that will help you with anything you ask instantly. They accept credit card payments and their foods are reasonably priced. 

WTH is this?? Nobody has had a bad meal yet! Besides, the pub is well maintained and they’re open all days of the week.


Address:  7303 E Main St Ste 115, Mesa

Phone: (480) 380-6000


2. The Draft Sports Grill

the draft sports grill best pub in mesa arizona

A good pub goes hand in hand with quality food. The Draft Sports Grill won’t disappoint when it comes to offering food – it boasts itself of offering fresh and never frozen food. Therefore, apart from enjoying your beer and wine, you can be served quality food.

The items on the menu are created from scratch for instance; the hand-cutting of French fries. Besides, they feature hand battering right from onion rings to the fried pickles up to their most famous item – mama’s fried chicken.

They have arguably the largest number of craft on tap (24) – they have a continuous pouring to befit some craving. Besides, you can choose one of their best hand-crafted cocktails from signature drinks. There are also Mules or the most preferred frozen D-Rita that you can select.

 Moreover, they have excellent sports showing with big screens all over the place, pool tables, and several game sports that will make your entertainment time one of a kind.

Their staff offers service on a different level – they’re not only friendly and responsive, but they’ll ensure that you get the best quality for your money. Services are delivered instantly. 

The takeaway is also available, and they accept credit cards and cash payments. 


Address: 542 W Baseline Rd Suite 101, Mesa, AZ 85210

Phone: (480) 588-8988


3. 12 West Brewing – Downtown Mesa

Just like the name suggests, the pub is found at 12 West Main in Mesa, Arizona, hence the name 12 West. If you want a real craft beer experience, then you need to visit this place as they provide a taproom.

Moreover, they provide a complete kitchen in the sense that you’ll be served incredible food that has been done from scratch. It’s a moment that you’ll enjoy along with a wonderful cheerful hour as well as brunch lists.

In fact, the place features a plethora of things like wine, full spirits, a filled kitchen, and of course 12 craft beer taps that will make your evening exceptional. Their excellent courtyard that’s about two levels goes without mentioning. 

Their live music sessions, especially from Thursday to Sunday are something you don’t need to miss – generally, they have a wonderful entertainment package that won’t leave you bored. 

Moreover, you can get takeaway stuff or dine-in, and they accept all means of payment. They’re available throughout the week, and you can stop by any time of the day to refresh your day.


Address: 12 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201

Phone: (480) 508-7018


4. Time Out Sports Bar & Grill

Perhaps one of the most politically conservative bars, where you can grab your beer and chill. Here, you’ll undoubtedly get a truly local business vibe as you’ll not only enjoy the best full bar services, but also the best entertainment.

When it comes to food, their food ranks among the top exceptionally prepared. The staff is super friendly, and you’ll never be left waiting for long – services are offered almost instantly as you order. 

If you’re a soccer fan, you’ll have to enjoy your game on big screens all over the place. In fact, they do have live bands to make your entertainment even more enjoyable.

They take reservations, and it’s the best place for groups as they have excellent outdoor seating. They accept credit cards and they offer military discounts. You’ll access free Wi-Fi as well as happy hour specials.


Address: 1762 S Greenfield Rd #111, Mesa

Phone: (480) 926-8500


5. Beer Research Institute

There’s no better place to be for craft beer drinkers in Mesa, Arizona than in the Beer Research Institute. The fact that it’s a local and independent pub in Mesa makes it an ideal place for most folks who want to enjoy some beer.

The most interesting part is the fact that they feature over 15 craft beers that are made on-site as well as an innovative menu made from scratch. Therefore, you’ll enjoy one of the best foods in Mesa that will leave you wanting to go back for more.

The kitchen team prepares food from scratch, which means you’re always served fresh food from the local purveyors. Literally, their food and beer are like a pair made in heaven as it matches perfectly.


Address: 1641 S Stapley Dr, Mesa, AZ 85204

Phone: (480) 892-2020


6. Echo 5 Sports Pub

Echo 5 Sports Pub is a sports bar like no other – it’s the place where sports fanatics all assemble with one goal; maximum entertainment. They’re a family-friendly sports bar that features almost all the games you can think of; pool table, darts, and big screens where you can watch your favorite teams play.

Besides, they’ve made a name for the best and mouth watering burgers as well as delicious wings. Perhaps, you need the best food while you enjoy your game – Echo 5 understands that and hence they offer the best food alternatives in the city.

They offer consistent, friendly service in arguably the most comfortable atmosphere where you can enjoy a quality meal. 

They strive to build long-lasting relationships with customers and by maintaining such objectives; they continue being the best dining option in Mesa for families, parties, and sports fans.



Phone: (480) 832-8989


7. Uncle Bear’s Grill & Tap

This is a bar and grill whereby locals have made a home for several years now thanks to its super friendly atmosphere. People can’t just make home a place without the best services and Uncle Bear’s Grill and tap offers delectable food and great drinks that have united friends into families.

One of their catching features is the fact that they offer the old-fashioned type of craft Bear’s burgers combined with a plethora of sliders and wings. 

Moreover, they have an outstanding craft beer that has been brewed from their own UB manufacturing brewery. That way, together with other delicious drinks, most folks have made this home for their leisure and entertainment. 

Besides, they have takeaway options for customers and they even offer delivery. Their huge TV screens to watch games complete a list of the best places to be for the best weekend mood.


Address: 9053 E Baseline Rd #101a, Mesa, AZ 85209

Phone: (480) 986-2228


8. On The Green Sports Grill

There is more to just having your craft beer over the weekend. A good pub should be offering an all-around service, and here, you’ll get a full package of services. Apart from offering the best craft beer, you’ll also enjoy the best food.

Their game day specials every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday are something that most folks won’t want to miss. Besides, you can watch your teams play on the big screens as you enjoy your cold drinks.

The pub is open throughout the week and you can be served even with your credit card. Thanks to their friendly staff, you won’t be kept waiting for too long. 

Unlike most pubs that don’t offer breakfast, On The Green Sports Grill offers breakfast to customers, and if you’re in a hurry to get to work, you can stop by for a cup of coffee. 


Address: 801 S. Power Road, Mesa, Arizona 85206

Phone: (480) 584-6196


9. O’Kelly’s Sports Bar & Grill

okelly sports grill and bar in mesa az

This is perhaps Mesa’s finest bar that offers a range of services to customers including fun games, live singing, and excellent food. When talking of excellent service delivery by the staff, then the bar has the best personnel that ensure you get timely service all the time.

The bar features fun games such as pool and trivia, which customers enjoy at their will and pleasure. There’s no moment customers can be dared or questioned to occupy out a golf foursome. Everything is literally at the will of the customer. Besides, you can enjoy live matches on their big screens as you enjoy your craft beer.

During the weekend, they turn up the volume with live singing featuring different bands like Valley’s vivid. In fact, here, there’s nothing like getting bored. The kind of food they offer won’t even make you think about being bored.

The place is apparently home to one of Arizona’s raging St. Patrick’s Day parties – it’s indeed the place to be!

In a flash, they offer the following services; craps, karaoke and trivia, games, a menu of wings and burgers, pool games, TV, dine-in, occasional live music, and takeaway.


Address: 2120 W Guadalupe Rd UNIT 16, Mesa, AZ 85202

Phone: (480) 756-6069


10. The Hub Grill and Bar

It is one place where you’ll enjoy the best food in Mesa, and its gluten-free menu is something you definitely have to experience. They feature excellent food like boneless wings and burgers. 

Moreover, it’s the best place to watch the game as they have a plethora of big screens. In fact, there is also a pool for fanatics that want to enjoy some playtime. Generally, it’s one of the best sports bars in Mesa.

You simply have to get there and unwind with them – there’s free Wi-Fi as well as happy hour specials. The drinks are in plenty too!


Address: 1860 S Stapley Dr. Mesa, AZ 85204

Phone: (480) 494-2699



There are several pubs in Mesa, AZ that you can select from, and our list offers the best choices. A good pub should offer all-around services like the best arena to watch games, excellent food, the best beer, and other drinks, as well as a comfortable atmosphere in general. 

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