Best Pottery Shops in Sacramento, CA

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Abel GSlowly but steadily; the world is changing, and thanks to technology, various things are being invented making the future look undeniably promising. Unfortunately, that is happening at the expense of ancient beauties like potteries. However, all is not lost yet as there are various shops that are still creating a plethora of products that will keep your mouth wide open upon seeing them.

The tricky part is getting the best pottery shop near me Sacramento. However, we’ve ensured that we make your search process easier by listing the best 10 pottery shops in Sacramento, California has to offer. Perhaps, it is about time you take your living room decorations to the next level!

Top 10 Pottery Shops in Sacramento, California

  1. Panama Pottery – offers the most creative pots and ceramics best for souvenirs and gifts
  2. Sincere Ceramics – the best local studio and gallery that offers artists and makers a platform to showcase their work
  3. Petroglyph, Inc. – sells some of the best quality ceramics
  4. Alpha Fired Arts – features various types of ceramics that are designed and crafted professionally
  5. Pottery World – a place where you get top-quality products for your home décor
  6. Zanzibar Trading Co – if you’re looking for the best display of traditionally crafted pots, then this should be the place to visit
  7. The Prickly Pear – a specialty succulent and Cacti center in Sacramento, California
  8. H’Arts in Fyre Ceramics & Crafts – the best place for handcrafted pots as well as ceramics at affordable prices
  9. Page’s Fountains & Water Gardens – a place to visit so that you can add tranquility and beauty to your home
  10. Color Me Mine – a top ceramic shop known for offering the best pots

1. Panama Pottery

Are you looking for the best pot that you can gift your loved ones and friends? You don’t have to look any further as Panama Pottery is your destination. Panama Pottery is one of the best shops in Sacramento that strives to offer customers creative pots as well as ceramics.

Interestingly, the shop features a plethora of ceramics that are of various styles as well as colors, meaning you’ll have every variety that you could be looking for. Besides, they offer the products at one of the most affordable prices in Sacramento.

Also, they have the friendliest staff that will help you select the best pot that best suits your preference and budget. They’re always ready to help and answer any client questions and will guide you in anything.

Moreover, the shop is tidy and well-maintained; hence you’ll have a comfortable place to shop for your quality clay pots and ceramics.

Additionally, they have the most skilled pottery artists that offer comprehensive pottery classes; therefore, if you want to get some skills you’re free to contact the shop.


Address: 4421 24th St, Sacramento, CA 95822

Phone: (916) 840-5879


2. Sincere Ceramics

sincere ceramics sacramento

Sincere ceramics is merely a local studio as well as a gallery that aims to create an environment whereby folks can create exceptional pieces and then share their desire to connect with others. They have weekly classes that are designed to offer skills to individuals about pottery.

They have a plethora of pots and ceramics most of which were created by local makers or artists. Ideally, they feature almost every type of pot that you might want. Most artists are free here to showcase their skills by coming up with exceptional styles of pots.

In addition, the shop features other excellent opportunities for customers like free Wi-Fi. Also, the shop is wheelchair accessible, meaning they take care of all individuals. However, you’ll only have to make an appointment to get their services. Besides, they accept credit cards when making payments.


Address: 5931 B Power Inn Rd Ste B Sacramento, CA 95824

Phone: (530) 282-9044


3. Petroglyph, Inc.

Petroglyph is a that offers the best products in Sacramento with exceptional studios that are not only comfortable but also feature inspiring spaces where individuals can spend time with their loved ones and friends.

The main focus for the creation of the company was to build space for everyone to socialize, ideate as well as paint original ceramic pieces. The stores offer the most straightforward pricing with a single studio day pass covering all supplies, kiln firing as well as support by trained staff. Here, every ceramic piece features its price.

They have been in business for the longest time, and they have a variety of products that you can be assured you’ll get a product that suits your needs.


Address: 125 Walnut Avenue Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Phone: (916) 458-1117

4. Alpha Fired Arts

When it comes to choosing the best ceramic product, you need a shop that offers a plethora of types so that you can choose the best. There are very few shops in Sacramento, CA that offers a variety of ceramics that you can choose from. However, Alpha Fired Arts stands out as the best shop with several ceramics that you can enjoy walking around to select the one that best suits your needs.

They feature the best professionally crafted as well as designed quality ceramics with an excellent knowledgeable staff that has all the necessary knowledge on the catalog of artistic pots. Therefore, when you’re not sure about which type of pot you need to part with, they’ll help you make a decisive choice.

Also, the shop provides clients with exceptional pottery instruction, hence making it a reputable company that crafts the finest ceramics in the city. Besides, they have the most skilled pottery specialists that will teach you how to design as well as make prolific pots. Additionally, they offer deliveries in all their clay pots and ceramics.


Address: 4675 Aldona Ln, Sacramento, CA 95841

Phone: (916) 484-4424


5. Pottery World

It’s one of the most beautiful stores that you’ll ever visit in Sacramento. It features excellent decorations with exceptional modern furniture accents. Besides, they have exceptional staff specialists that will help you through the store and will assist you to answer all your questions. They’ll also provide necessary insights into various types of products in the store whenever you need them for help.

When any old pot won’t do, you can be assured that Pottery world will have your back. They have a variety of pots that you might even not find anywhere else in the city. They have all the sizes and styles of pots – you’ll be amazed by their massive selection of exceptional glazed cement and clay pots.

They are all well-organized by color and style in excellent sections, which makes it easy to find your best fit.

Moreover, they have a café as well as a showroom with a floral section, home furnishings, and a baby boutique. Therefore, it’s easy to say that the pottery world is indeed a world of almost everything you need in one place.


Address: 4419 Granite Dr. Rocklin, CA 95677

Phone: (916) 624-8080


6. Zanzibar Trading Co

Sometimes all you need is a traditionally crafted pot to make your home décor look exceptional. Unfortunately, not many stores in town offer well-crafted traditional pots. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best traditionally crafted pots in Sacramento, then there’s only one place that you need to visit – Zanzibar Trading Co.

The store offers their clients traditionally crafted pots, which have been mastered for quite a long period of time. Ideally, they have an excellent team of professional pottery artists that are always ready to offer clients the best instruction regarding designing as well as pottery crafting.

Additionally, you’ll have access to a variety of pottery paints that will undoubtedly fit your individual preference and design. Moreover, they’ve premade pots that will as well fit those clients that are not much inclined to details in terms of designing ceramic products.

They offer the best ceramics and clay decoratives with a variety of quality pots perfect for almost every home décor.


Address: 1315 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818

Phone: (916) 443-5601


7. The Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear is merely a specialty succulent as well as a Cacti store in Sacramento, California that offers clients the best products. They sell the best hand-designed mason jars with exceptional succulents and cacti.

In fact, the store is one of the coolest old-fashioned in Sacramento that you can choose for all your ceramic needs. From the outside, you might not think that store is as big as it is from across the street, but the place is huge with all the plants being gorgeous. The staff is also quite amazing as they’ll guide you through with instructions on every product you want.

Moreover, the store accepts a range of payment options like credit cards and apple pay. They are wheelchair accessible and they offer bike parking.

The store is open to the public on Sundays and during the other days; they’re only available for appointments only. However, the kind of services they offer is worth the wait until the weekends.


Address: 816 U St Sacramento, CA 95818

Phone: (916) 533-1829


8. H’Arts in Fyre Ceramics & Crafts

Nothing beats the beauty that comes with handcrafted pots. Most folks look for handcrafted pots as they come with a certain uniqueness. For individuals looking for the best-handcrafted pots in Sacramento, you only have one best place – H’Arts in Fyre Ceramics & Crafts.

The store offers the best-handcrafted pots as well as ceramics at an affordable price. Besides, the fact that the company has been in operation for almost a decade makes them the best pottery shop option for aesthetic and quality ceramics.

Also, their staff is very friendly and helps clients to choose from their extensive catalog of exceptional pots and ceramics. They’ll answer all customer requests and questions and even offer insights into some of their products.

In addition, they have exemplary pottery classes that are suitable for anyone, meaning they’re open to both children and adults. Their proficient artists with vast experience provide clients with professional instructions about pottery.


Address: 3633 Bradshaw Rd A, Sacramento, CA 95827

Phone: (916) 942-9880

9. Page’s Fountains & Water Gardens

page fountains and water gardens pottery shop in sacramento

If you’re looking to add tranquility and beauty to your business and home, then you need to visit Page’s Fountain & Water Gardens. The company has been in the market for the longest time possible offering products to clients in Sacramento.

In fact, they have a variety of products to offer apart from the pottery world. Sometimes your backyard needs the best pots to display your other things – pot water. The store features a plethora of fountains, statuary & yard décor, garden ornaments, urns and planters, bird baths, and water features, among others.

They’re open the rest of the week except on Wednesday. Visit them today and they’ll help you build your oasis.


Address: 5331 Kohler Road Sacramento, CA 95841

Phone: (916) 331-7205


10. Color Me Mine

For several years, Color Me Mine has been offering the finest pots to clients in Sacramento, and for many, it’s a premier ceramic shop where all your pot needs are answered.

The shop is not only tidy but also features a well-organized catalog of exceptional pots that have been creatively designed. The store is the best to shop for ceramics thanks to its relaxing and comfortable premises.

Moreover, they have an accommodating staff that offers clients complete information on the pots as well as answers to any of their questions. Besides, they have beginner and professional pottery classes that you can enroll in and learn the best quality pottery instruction.


Address: 7440 Laguna Blvd Ste 100 Suite 100, Elk Grove, CA 95758

Phone: (916) 714-4943



There’s something special about pottery – it does not only make one feel happy and internally satisfied, but they’re also amazing to see and it can make your home décor look exceptional. Several individuals have various reasons for pottery products, and whichever your reason, there are several shops in Sacramento that offers the best options. Thanks to our list, you’ll be able to have the top 10 pottery shops in Sacramento that you can consider for the best pottery services.

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