Top 10 Best Pilates Studios in Portland, OR

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Abel GThere’s no denying that the Pirates method has been there for several years. However, the number of Pirate studios has seen a drastic growth over the past few years. So, are you looking for the best Pilates studios in Portland near me?

Luckily, the city features great Pilates studio options that you can check in and around Portland, Oregon.

Unfortunately, getting out looking for a local class or Pirates studio in Portland, OR can be intimidating. In fact, it’s very easy to feel like you should know what to do once you step out of your door. Perhaps, there could be a lot of Pirates studios in the city, but not all of them are the same.

10 Best Pilates Studios in Portland


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1. Studio Blue Pilates

Most comprehensive Pilates classes

(503) 224-5073

2. Kinespirit Circle Gyrotonic and Pilates Studio 

Gyrokinesis, Pilates, and Gyrotonics

(503) 235-3556

3. Begin Pilates 

Offers Both online and in-studio classes

(971) 229-0631

4. Cascadia Pilates and CoreAlign 

Private sessions

(503) 444-7642

5. Pearl Pilates Studio

Gyrotonic and Pilates

(503) 274-9728

6. MegaBurn Fitness 

Reformer pilates

(503) 430-5159

7. Body Mechanics Pilates and Bodywork 

Massage Options

(503) 234-7564

8. Geometry Pilates 

Affordable pilates

(503) 680-8591

9. Pacific Northwest Pilates

Approach to clients

(503) 292-4409

10. Studio Reset 

MELT method and classical Pilates

(415) 297-1162

1. Studio Blue Pilates


Studio Blue Pilates

To put it simply, Studio Blue is undoubtedly a very special place. Unlike most Pilates studios that lose sight of their mission once they achieve local and national acclaim for their classes as well as private instruction, Studio Blue, still, has its eyes set on offering unmatched levels of services to their clients.

They offer comprehensive classes in a very comfortable environment. They’ll treat you like family, and ensure you achieve your personal goals. They offer a free week of services to new clients of unlimited mat classes that include Pilates, Sculpt, yoga, Fitness/Bosu ball, TRX suspension training, and Springboard equipment classes.

Also, they offer several small group reformer classes in various formats. A reformer room accommodates up to 4 clients, meaning you can be assured of individualized attention as well as correction in a group class setting.

Whether you’re looking to build core strength and stability, improve athletic performance, rehab an injury, or recover from surgery; you’ll get private sessions to help you with any of those issues. Moreover, they feature workshops for different modalities.


Address:  2232 NW Pettygrove St #100, Portland, OR 97210

Phone: (503) 224-5073


2. Kinespirit Circle Gyrotonic and Pilates Studio

This is merely a fitness studio in Portland, Oregon that teaches Gyrokinesis, Pilates, and Gyrotonics. They have passionate instructors that are always dedicated to helping every client to grow as well as attain the highest quality of life by simply improving their overall mind, body, and spirit coordination.

All Kinespirit Circle instructors are classically certified Gyrotonic or certified Pilates trainers. In fact, they’ve also been featured in the Portland Pick, on Rachael Ray, and in the NW Examiner.

They provide a welcoming fitness community to offer a heart workout. They offer private sessions to various group classes, and most of the private sessions are designed to align with the specific preferences of the client.

Their teachers work with clients one-on-one. Their Gyratonic classes help the clients to increase their range of motion as well as promote stability. Besides, you’ll get the machine-based exercise that’s combined with mat work.

Kinespirit Circle has a 24-hour cancellation policy, and any session not canceled at least 24 hours prior, is charged at a maximum price.


Address:  1231 NW 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

Phone: (503) 235-3556

3. Begin Pilates

Begin Pilates is arguably one of the best Pilates studios that offer progressive Pilates as well as yoga training to fitness and health enthusiasts. They’re passionate about helping you cultivate your well-being by simply increasing your overall core strength, balance, stability, mental health, and range of motion.

They offer a variety of sessions including private instruction, spring wall, the Grace Pilates method, reformer classes, and many more. They have certified instructors that employ unique approaches to training, which use advanced Scott Pilates as well as Balanced Body equipment.

You’ll be taken through fun, challenging, and Osteoporosis safe work for your bones and balance. In addition, they have a live stream option and recordings.

The Grace Pilates method class takes about 45 minutes, and it’s recommended for individuals with limited mobility that wants to develop core strength as well as improve balance.

Generally, Begin Pilates is committed to delivering the best quality instruction that’s differently able, all-body, and all-gender inclusive.


Address: 2393 NE Fremont St d, Portland, OR 97212

Phone: (971) 229-0631

4. Cascadia Pilates and CoreAlign

This is a Pilates studio in Southeast Portland that mainly specializes in small group equipment sessions. In fact, limiting participants to only six means you’ll be able to get personalized attention from the instructors hence quality instruction.

Moreover, they offer private sessions that are meant for specific goals and needs. Therefore, you can get the specific type of session that you request. Besides, there’s a diverse selection of classes that ensures every client gets something that suits them the most. In fact, you’ll always get a class that you fit perfectly with tailored and personalized instructions.

Also, they recommend that new members try the mini-membership that includes up to 7 days of unlimited equipment as well as mat classes to ensure that they get used to Pilates and they can judge whether it’s a good fit for them. Also, as new students, you’ll be able to get two free yoga classes.

Overall, Cascadia Pilates features programs like B-squared CoreAlign, Habit Reformer, mat Pilates as well as Mobilize Reformer. Also, there’s Roll-out Mat and Reboot Reformer. Interestingly, they offer a 500-hours Pilates Teacher Training certificate program.


Address: 4220 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97215

Phone:  (503) 444-7642

4. Pearl Pilates Studio

Pearl Pilates studio provides two distinct but complementary systems of exercise; Gyrotonic and Pilates. However, both systems look to align as well as balance the body uniformly with excellent controlled movements as well as synchronized breathing. That way, it makes the systems not only very much effective forms of exercise but also body/mind experience.

The studio features a peaceful setting, equipped with equipment to allow you to focus on the work as well as your body.

New members have the opportunity to enjoy one complimentary session offer when they purchase the first studio package.

Ideally, Pearl Pilates specializes in result-driven Gyrotonic and Pilates training. They offer both private, small group, as well as mat classes. Moreover, they train practitioners that want to share their passion for Pilates by becoming certified instructors.


Pearl District 1211 NW Glisan, Suite 207 Portland, OR 97209


Lake Oswego 478 2nd Street Lake Oswego, OR 97034

6. MegaBurn Fitness

If you’re looking for high-intensity Pilates classes on Megaformer, then you don’t have to look any further – MegaBurn Fitness is your sure bet point. The studio offers small classes with extensively trained instructors that offer personalized training sessions.

At MegaBurn, you’ll undoubtedly feel successful even when you haven’t started, and it doesn’t matter your current levels of fitness. Their classes on Megaformer are 45-minutes long of high-intensity, low-impact Pilates.

If you have injuries that you need to manage, then this is the place you need to be as they specialize in that part perfectly. Their upper body sessions will ensure that you strengthen your core and arms. Moreover, the fact that only certified instructors take over through the sessions, you can be guaranteed the best results over the course of time.


1100 SE Division St. Suite #110 Portland, OR 97202

7. Body Mechanics Pilates and Bodywork

Body Mechanics Pilates and Bodywork is one of the best studios in Portland, Oregon. It offers a variety of workout as well as massage options. For instance, they offer Pirates for a private, duet as well as trio sessions. They offer rates by session, 5 sessions, and then 10 sessions.

Another significant feature is that they offer embodies integration program that’s developed by Mandy Tiger, which utilizes the body’s healing mechanism and regeneration. Perhaps, there are movement, physical trauma, and energy-healing treatments.

Moreover, they provide massage therapy as well as Biodynamic Bodywork. Their massage sessions usually run for 60, 75, and 90 minutes. If you’re interested in facial massages as well as hair removal services, then you’ll find that too. In fact, there’s also excellent prenatal and postpartum care.

Apparently, it’s easy to say that Body Mechanics Pilates and Bodywork is multi-discipline Pilates studio in a low-key space where you can find everything you need; Gyrokinesis and internal martial arts.

You’ll be trained by personable and certified trainers to make your class sessions one of the best. Besides, they offer online classes and virtual private as well as semi-private Pilates classes.


Address: 2512 SE 35th Pl, Portland, OR 97202, United States

8. Geometry Pilates

Geometry Pilates is arguably one of the well-equipped studios in Portland that offers affordable Gyrotonic, Pilates, and Gyrokinesis training. The trainers are top class, and they always recommend that new clients start with a four-session package for introduction to determine if Pilates is their thing.

In fact, every client that has been to the studio has full praise for instructors for their excellent commitment to understanding client needs as well as offering customized workouts. That way, you can be assured that you’ll be guided in exactly the direction that will address your specific challenges.

Typical Geometry Pilates class sessions take about 50-55 minutes and combine equipment as well as mat work. Workouts are customized based on fitness goals, age, and prior injuries.

The certified instructors identify any imbalances and strengthen weak muscle groups before they progress to correct misalignment as well as re-educating your body with better movement patterns.


821 NW Flanders Suite 225 | Portland Oregon 97209

9. Pacific Northwest Pilates

Some Pilates Studios have been in the game for several years, and Pacific NW Pilates is one of them – it has offered fitness enthusiasts in Portland Oregon home for over a decade. One thing that has made it stand out is its knowledgeable instructors as well as affordable group Pilates classes.

They offer a variety of options; mat, circuit, MELT, reformer, and equipment classes. Also, there’s Pilates for Parkinson’s – therefore, it will depend on your specific goals and needs to be grouped into where you belong.

Pacific NW Pilates studio is a Merrithew-licenced training center, meaning you’ll have all the comfort in the world to get your fitness levels to the next level. Moreover, no big classes, no smoothie bar, no punch cards, and no gimmicks, but only personalized Pilates.

Here, you’ll not only learn a Pilates routine but also learn how to efficiently practice Pilates in a very dynamic as well as informative manner.


TEL: 503 292 4409

ADDRESS: 5201 SW Westgate Dr, Suite 114 Portland, OR 97221

10. Studio Reset

Studio Reset is merely a classical Pilates as well as MELT Method studio. Their philosophy is to challenge, transform, and grow. They offer quality Pilates instructions, thanks to their qualified and certified instructors.

They’ll help you discover, uncover as well as change faulty mechanisms creating imbalance, weakness, and discomfort. In fact, the owner is a qualified instructor that has specialized in both the MELT method and classical Pirates. Therefore, you can be guaranteed to get the best sessions.

They offer one-on-one personalized instructions to meet your needs and goals. Also, you can take a workshop to get deeper into your fitness routine. Besides, thanks to the virtual option, you can get your sessions in the comfort of your home.

They enough parking in the neighborhood with the studio featuring one permitted space – you don’t have any reasons not to go there.


1720 NW Lovejoy Street, Suite 120, Portland Oregon 97209


Don’t have a good Pilates Studio near you? There are several best reformer Pilates studios in Portland, Oregon that you can choose from. The best Pilates Studio features well-trained teachers, an excellent style of teaching, personalized classes/offerings, an ideal location, and a good vibe. Fortunately, our list features such types of Pilates studios – so you’re good to go with any of them.

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