10 Best Petrol Stations in Mesa, AZ

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Abel GSometimes you need the best petrol station near you for convenient refueling of your car. It’s a no-brainer that you need the best petrol station in Mesa, unlike spending a lot of time going around the city looking for the best place you can fuel your vehicle.

Perhaps, there are several petrol stations in Mesa, Arizona that you can visit for good services. Unfortunately, not all stations might provide the specific services that you need. However, some petrol stations stand out from the rest as they offer arguably all possible services.

Therefore, to help find the best options near you; below are our 10 top-rated petrol stations in Mesa that you can consider stopping by and fueling your car.

Top 10 Best Gas Stations in Mesa, Arizona

  1. Shell – the best petrol station that offers majorly midgrade gasoline and shell V-power NiTRO+ premium gasoline.
  2. Chevron Mesa – if you’re looking for a place with the cheapest gas in mesa that offers mainly diesel fuel or techron gasoline; this is the place.
  3. Safeway Fuel Station – provides arguably the friendliest and faster fueling.
  4. Bridwell’s Full Service – the best station that offers Sinclair gasoline
  5. Safeway Express – the best all-in-one petrol station where you’ll get faster services thanks to their One Touch Fuel app.
  6. 76 – the oldest petrol station with the most convenient fuel services for all types of drivers
  7. Valero – is known for its self-sufficient petroleum purification
  8. Quicktrip – offers the best motor fuel services
  9. Costoco Gas Stationthe best well-maintained petrol station in Mesa with quick services
  10. Speedway Gas Station24/7 fuel services across all its stations

1. Shell

shell petrol station in mesa

It’s very easy to claim that you can mention petrol stations without mentioning shell- it’s arguably one of the best gasoline stations not only in Mesa but across the globe.

It’s a petrol station that offers convenience and provides fuel types such as regular gasoline, shell diesel, midgrade gasoline, and shell V-power NiTRO+ premium gasoline.

The most interesting part about Shell petrol stations is the fact that they’re accessible 24 hours a day, meaning you’ll be able to fuel your car any time of the day. In fact, they have the best personnel that will serve you well and with long pipes, you can fuel your car from both sides.

The station features various top payment options, making it easy to find your preferred method of payment. Also, they accept mobile payments.

Besides, they have a shop where customers can stop by and purchase various goods. They have a cash machine with several loyalty programs and discounts.


Address: 756 W Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210

Phone: (480) 969-2250

Website: www.find.shell.com

2. Chevron Mesa

There are very few stations that offer both diesel fuel and techron gasoline. However, Chevron has specialized in offering those services. In fact, they’re the only options in Mesa that you can easily access.

Techron is the best option when it comes to build-up clean-up given that it perfectly cleans all grimy parts which might cause problems with fuel combustion. This will boost your miles per gallon.

The best feature about Chevron is that they have gas credit as well as gift cards that not only deliver quality but also convenience. Their business card program offers complete fuel management systems that will assist you control, regulate as well as analyze your fuel expenditure.

In addition, they have the best staff you can think of that will handle you professionally. Also, you can access fuel rebates for modifying accounts.


Address: 357 N Stapley Dr, Mesa, AZ 85203

Phone: (480) 649-0577

Website: www.chevronwithtechron.com

3. Safeway Fuel Station

In some fueling stations, the services are quite amazing! In fact, the kind of service you receive will always make you want to fuel at the same station all the time. The services are seamless and very professional.

Well, that’s the type of service you’ll get at Safeway Fuel station – they offer friendly, convenient, and quick fueling services. They have gas rewards that you can save gradually and use to fuel your vehicle at some point.

Moreover, most Safeway fuel locations provide several takeaway merchandises that you can purchase and use to quench your thirst or keep your stomach relaxed along your journey.

Their locations are strategically located in that you don’t have to about your traffic struggles or even when heading out of town.

There are several other services available at Safeway fuel station including an air station, diesel, convenience food, beer/wine, pumps available 24/7, tobacco, wheelchair-accessible pumps, a water station, and several others.


Address: 3606 E Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85206

Phone: (480) 807-0447

Website: www.local.fuel.safeway.com

4. Bridwell’s Full Service

There are very few full-service gas stations that you can find in Mesa, Arizona, and one of the remaining ones is Bridwell’s full-service. They have friendly attendants that provide the old-fashioned 1960s style of courtesy as well as convenience. Therefore, you’ll get one of the most professional services within a very short time.

Their full service ensures that they clean all the car windows, and vehicle tires as well as under your hood.

Interestingly, they’ll help you take care of your vehicle between visits to an auto repair shop. They have automotive repair technicians that will instantly fix any problems if found – you’re simply in safer hands when using their services.

Moreover, they repair flat tires, change the oil, and perform car safety inspections as well as auto detailing – just like the “good old days!” they’ll show you exactly what excellent customer service is about.

Therefore, you’ll not only leave the station with your car filled but also your car’s fluid levels as well as tire pressure checked.


Address: 7171 E LINCOLN DR. Arizona 85253

Phone: (480) 948-4781

5. Safeway Express

This is a convenient, friendly, and fast fueling station in Mesa where most folks have come out smiling once they get there to refill their vehicles. They a plethora of fuel station services that are not limited to the following; diesel, beer/wine, AmeriGas Propane, air station available, convenience food, and car vacuum is also available.

Moreover, they offer an excellent One Touch Fuel app that will make your purchase of gas not only faster but also easier than ever. It offers you the ability to use your mobile phone to make payments for fuel. Interestingly, you can claim various rewards and then activate the gas pump at any of their fuel stations with just one tap.

Besides, they have the most professional attendants that ensure you get the best help possible while at the station. Their positioning is ideal with enough space and long fueling pipes that ensure you get your fuel on either side of your car. They also have several on-trend fuel options that include Diesel fuel.


Address: 4264 S Signal Butte Rd, Mesa, AZ

6. 76

For over 80 years, 76 has been in the market and still going strong as the best petrol station in Mesa. They offer a variety of services that include sustainable diesel, gas, and E85, among others lifting the bar with every fall.

They feature individual and commercial credit cards as well as gift cards that will undoubtedly make your every drive worthwhile. It means that you can simply save money for rewards by simply signing up for several giveaways.

Literally, they just offer everything you need in one stop – you’ll get more than fuel for your car; there are various significant necessities you’ll enjoy while you hit the road.

They have the friendliest staff that ensures you get maximum services with excellent gas prices. Besides, they’re open most of the hours, meaning anytime is filling time.


Address: 6262 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85205

Phone: (480) 985-6262

Website:  www.76.com

7. Valero

valero petrol station in mesa arizona

Valero is undoubtedly the largest self-sufficient petrol purifier and it ranks among the top sustainable fuel manufacturers in the world. In fact, it manufactures the most important fuels as well as products.

It’s one of the most convenient stores in Mesa and it is open 24/7, meaning any time of the day you can visit them for a refuel.

Moreover, they’re dedicated to advancing the future of energy via ingenuity, innovation, and unmatched execution. Therefore, with that in mind, they offer the best services that every driver can think of and will ever want in a petrol station.

They offer the best prices in the market, and their staff is committed to offering friendly services all the time.


Address: 7542 E Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85209

Phone: (480) 807-9238

Website: www.valero.com

8. Quiktrip

At Quiktrip, quality services start with the employees – they have the most dedicated and friendly employees that will provide top-notch customer services all the time and with a smile.

Quiktrip is a convenience store as well as a gas retailer that features an itinerary where you can grab something to quench your thirst or your hunger while on the road. You can get things like grilled cheese, sub sandwiches and wraps, soft pretzels, fresh pizza, and several other things.

They ensure that your engine is in good condition thanks to their high-quality motor fuels. Their services are available 24/7 and you’ll get the best quality services. The price is not something you can be worried about, as they offer the most competitive rates as per the standards provided.

Moreover, they have an ATM machine at their stores, meaning you’ll have all the convenience on earth to make your payments.


Address: 3563 E MAIN ST MESA, AZ 85213

Phone: (480) 325-1399

9. Costoco Gas Station

Costoco gas station is another excellent station in Mesa that you can count on to receive the best services. It offers great value on arguably the highest quality fuel in the city with top-notch employees committed to offering friendly service.

The petrol station is available 24 hours to ensure that you can get the services anytime you want. Besides, their stations around the city are strategically situated to guarantee not only easy access but also convenience even when stressed with traffic.

All the stations are designed to offer fast refueling thanks to the fact that they have long hose pipes that allow the attendants to fill your vehicle from either side.

Moreover, the stations are well-maintained as they feature the latest technology to ensure everyone is protected. Therefore, it’s easy to say that Costco gas stations are the most up-to-date stations that you can trust to offer all the latest tech services.


Address: 1444 S Sossaman Rd Mesa AZ, 85209

Phone: (480) 333-6552

Website: www.costco.com

10. Speedway Gas Station

speedway petrol station in mesa

Speedway takes pride in meeting the convenience and fueling needs of its customers. They’ve built a reputation within the communities that they serve and rightly so they offer the services around the clock.

Their services include diesel fuel, car wash, coffee, food, financial services, speedy café, cold beverages, and many others.

Their success has been built in their ability to understand the needs of their clients by offering a wide selection of products and real value for one’s money. In fact, more than anything, Speedway offers convenience – they bring more ease and simplicity to the lives of a customer.

Moreover, they have a rewards program, which is their way of saying thanks to their loyal customers. It costs nothing to be a member as you only need to purchase fuel and merchandise to earn points that you can redeem for free merchandise or gift cards.

Speedway is also committed to community involvement as they’re probably the largest contributor within the city to Children’s Network Hospitals.

The station’s vision is clear “to be the customer’s first choice for value and convenience.” Therefore, you can be guaranteed the best services thanks to the fact that they only hire individuals capable of embodying the company’s core dedication to serving people.


Address7226 S Ellsworth Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212

Website: www.speedway.com


Furling your car has never been this easy. However, it has to start with you finding the best petrol station in Mesa Arizona. Fortunately for you, there are several petrol stations near you in Mesa – you just have to know where to look. Luckily, we’ve provided a list of the top 10 best petrol stations in Mesa, AZ that you can choose from – the ball is in your court.

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