Best Pet Care Centers in Houston, TX

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Abel GTaking care of your pet doesn’t have to be stressful anymore! All you need is the best pet care center that will look after your pet with the utmost service it requires. The best pet care center should be one that offers not only exceptional care to pets, but also should have a good reputation and the most advanced techniques.

Luckily, there are several best pet care centers in Houston near you that you can consider to take care of your precious pet. To narrow your search process, we’ve listed only the best 10 pet care centers in Houston, Texas that you need to look into for the best pet services.

Top Pet Care Clinics in Houston

  1.     Affordable Pet Clinic – the best center in Houston that offers veterinary care
  2.     Gulfgate Animal Hospital – offers the safest environment for pets and offers quality care
  3.     Barks 5th Avenue, LLC – are you looking for a pet care service that offers boarding services even during the holidays? Bark’s 5th avenue is the one.
  4.     Prestonwood Kennels Pet Resort – one of the best full-service dog kennels that serve pets as well as pet owners in Houston and the surroundings
  5.     Animal Care Center – arguably the most exceptional veterinary care in Houston, Texas
  6.     Petcare Express – a one-stop solution for all your pet’s needs
  7.     Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center – the best dog boarding facility serving clients in the Houston area
  8.     Central Houston Animal Hospital – offers the best pet services in Houston and its surrounding
  9.     Urban Tails – the finest pet care center in Houston
  10. Memorial Veterinary Pet Care Hospital – the longest-serving pet care center in Houston offering quality pet services

1. Affordable Pet Clinic

Affordable pet clinics offer the most comprehensive medical as well as surgical care for pets at an affordable price. It’s the most ideal center you can trust to take care of all your pet’s needs.

They treat pets with utmost care and respect. Also, they handle diagnostic, surgical as well as treatment procedures for any type of pet.

They focus on being the leading center in small-animal practice in Houston that provides exceptional care. They have board-certified veterinary specialists that are capable of handling even the most complicated cases.

Moreover, they use the most recent advanced techniques to offer various pet treatments – they also perform various pet surgeries.

Interestingly, they have an online pharmacy as well as offer 24-hour services. Their team of excellent veterinarians is very passionate about ensuring every animal gets the best care service at a reasonable price.

They offer a range of services such as annual physicals, pet vaccinations, wellness examinations, dental exams, elective surgeries, x-rays, in-house laboratory, pregnancy tests, thyroid tests, phenobarbital tests, and parvo tests,  among others.


Address: 51 Tidwell Rd, Houston, TX 77022

Phone: (713) 697-3297


2. Gulfgate Animal Hospital

This is a privately owned pet center in Houston that features the safest environment for pets as well as pet parents. The center is dedicated to offering only quality, affordable, as well as convenient veterinary care services.

In fact, the pet hospital has been in operation for the longest time possible (more than 60 years), meaning it’s one of those pet centers that you can highly trust to handle your pets all day and night.

With Dr. Kathy Palmer as the sole owner as well as a full-time veterinarian, your pet should be in safe hands. All the services are offered with dignity and they keep with the principles of veterinary medical ethics – ideally, they strive to enhance the general health as well as the well-being of the pets.

They offer a variety of services including; routine vaccinations for pets, digital radiography, in-house blood work as well as urine analysis, general illness diagnosis and treatment, dental scaling as well as polishing under anesthesia, among others.


Address: 216 Winkler Drive, Houston, TX 77087

Phone: (713) 643-5723


3. Barks 5th Avenue, LLC

barks 5th avenue pet care center in houston

Barks 5th avenue, LLC, is one of the best pet care providers in Houston. The center offers boarding services even on holidays. Therefore, it means that your pet doesn’t have to stress you during the holidays.

Besides, the dogs, for instance, boarding in the facility receive the best individual care and they are well fed given the fact that they receive food twice a day.

Also, they have an array of staff that walks pets around all the time- in fact; they walk pets three times a day within the center’s one-acre backyard.

The center is co-owned by Pat Mahon and Pennie. Pat also founded the DAWG Foundation – a charity that offers service dogs to veterans that are battling PTSD. Pennie and her dog Psych, meanwhile, were the Hyperflite Skyhoundz Disc Dog World Champions. Therefore, it’s easy to say that you’ll receive one of the best services at Barks 5th avenue since it is run by the best professionals.


Address: 10620 Cypress Creek Parkway, Houston, TX 77070

Phone: (281) 970-2284


4. Prestonwood Kennels Pet Resort

This is a full-service dog kennel that serves pets as well as pet owners in Houston and its surrounding. The center offers the best services that include dog training, dog boarding, dog daycare, and dog grooming services.

The interesting thing about Prestonwood Kennel Pet Resort is the fact that it’s built on a five-acre campus, meaning your pets will have enough space for training as well as can walk around freely.

Moreover, the center is chemical-free, climate-controlled, offers various types of environments, and is monitored 24 hours. They accept cats, and dogs as well as exotic pets like parrots and rabbits. Additionally, they offer transportation services for various pickup and drop-off pets in Houston.


Address: 13302 Schroeder Road, Houston, TX 77070

Phone: (281) 890-9090


5. Animal Care Center

If you’re looking for the finest veterinary care in Houston, then you don’t have to look any further – Animal Care Center offers the best pet services in Houston. They are not only reliable but also a trusted veterinary center that takes care of all pet care needs.

The center team is headed by the licensed Texas Veterinarian Dr. Virginia Hajovsky. The team features experienced vets and is well-versed in dealing with pets with any kind of health concerns.

The center offers full-service veterinary care in the facility’s animal hospital and they also have emergency veterinary care for pets with urgent cases. You can be assured that your pet will receive first-class pet care as well as veterinary services which are unmatched in the Houston area.

Therefore, if you’re after the best pet care center in Houston that offers the best pet care and veterinary services, Animal Care Center has to be your first choice.


Address: 11431 FM 1960, Huffman, TX 77336

Phone: (281) 324-2615


6. Petcare Express

This is a one-stop solution for all pet needs. Petcare Express features a warm as well as a fear-free environment that will make your pets not only relaxed but also enjoyable. They have a friendly and knowledgeable staff with years of experience in treating as well as diagnosing the illness and health of any pet.

Therefore, once you choose them to take care of your pet, you can be guaranteed the best care services all the time, thanks to their overqualified staff whose top priority is the health and well-being of your pet.

Interestingly, they offer all the services at affordable prices. They offer a wide range of services such as dog heartworm tests, skin scrape, fecal float tests, deworm hook/round warms, ear infection cytology, rabies vaccine, feline leukemia, nail trim, health certificate, and dental cleaning among others.

They always provide immediate answers about your pet’s health needs. Thanks to their convenient online store, you can easily get medication there. They’re conveniently located in two locations within Houston.


Address: 2501 West Holcombe Boulevard, Suite D, Houston, TX 77030

Phone: (713) 592-9977


7. Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center

Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center is basically a dog boarding facility that offers services to clients in Houston. The center offers enough boarding areas where pets can comfortably relax, play, and get exceptional care while you’re away.

They offer a variety of services that will ensure your pets are not only safe but also comfortable whether they’re with you or at the center. The center has a history of providing excellent customer service.

They offer a wide range of services that include dog training, boarding, grooming, daycare, and many others. The staff here is very passionate about taking care of pets meaning your pet is safe in their hands. Besides, they have the most experienced pet specialists in various pet care branches, which makes their services unmatched and safe for all pets, hence giving you peace of mind.

Moreover, they offer various programs and activities like group plays, spa treatments, and storytime sessions.


Address: 13500 Furman Rd, Houston, TX 77047

Phone: (713) 413-1633


8. Central Houston Animal Hospital

chah pet care center in houston tx

The center was established in 1930 and was formerly known as the Ward Veterinary Practice. It’s an animal care center as well as a boarding facility that services clients in the entire Houston area and the surroundings.

It offers a wide range of services for all types of pets, including veterinary services, boarding and daycare, and microchipping. Moreover, they provide international as well as domestic health certification for different animals.

For a long time, it has maintained its excellent track record of providing the best pet care services and veterinary care. The center has experienced veterinarians as well as pet experts that work tirelessly to ensure every pet getting through their doors is taken care of with love, affection, and exceptional veterinary care.

The center understands that the relationship between humans and their pets is extremely significant, and that’s why they go the extra mile to ensure that every pet gets the best care it needs.


Address: 1638 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77006

Phone: (713) 526-1306


9. Urban Tails

Urban Tails is simply a full-service pet care center that offers dog boarding services to folks in and around Houston. It features excellent overnight lodging services like climate-controlled rooms with air purifiers, customized activities as per the activity level as well as personality, multiple lodging selections, and a 24-hour monitoring system.

Moreover, it offers to ensure that they incorporate the pet’s home diet as well as provide veterinary care whenever required.

The owner of the center, Gretchen Meienburg was the leader of the team that developed the PCSA standards for the pet industry when serving as the Ethics and VFA Committee Chair. Therefore, it’s pretty easy to see that the center is the your-go place for your pet to receive exceptional care.


Address: 1618 Webster Street, Houston, TX 77003

Phone: (713) 658-0900


10. Memorial Veterinary Pet Care Hospital

This is one of the most respected pet care facilities in Houston and its surroundings since it was established over 40 years ago. Over time, the pet care as well as a veterinary hospital has taken care of thousands of pets and animals with unmatched care in the city.

The center offers a full-service approach to providing excellent pet and veterinary care. They have one of the most experienced staff, who is committed to making sure that each pet getting into the facility is attended to with utmost care.

Pet experts and veterinarians have the knowledge and experience to effectively dispatch quality treatment to any health concern your pet might be having. They offer services like surgical procedures, pet dental care, pet laser therapy, cat and dog care, pocket pet care, diagnostics, boarding, pet grooming, emergency pet care, pharmacy and pet products, and many others.


Address: 514 Wycliffe Drive Houston, TX 77079

Phone: (713) 465-8950



Having a pet is one of the best things that one can ask for in the house, however, if you can’t take care of your pet properly; you might not share the fun you could be looking for in a pet. Therefore, looking for the best pet care center should be a no-brainer for every pet owner that wants the best for the pet.

Fortunately, pet care centers in Houston are unlimited; you just need to find the right one. The good news is that our list features only the top-rated pet care centers in Houston, Texas that you can choose. 

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