Best Massage Therapy in Las Vegas, NV

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Abel GMassage Therapists in Las Vegas range from 4.3 stars to 5 stars providers. Below we found some of the best Massage therapy in Las Vegas. They all have at least 1 or more past patient ratings, so you can be confident that they have the experience that you are looking for.

There are several massage therapists in Las Vegas, Nevada that you can consider their services. However, here are the best 10 massage therapies near you in Las Vegas. They have been selected as per the quality of services they provide, affordability, convenience, and several other factors. Therefore, you can be assured that they are the best Las Vegas has to offer.

Las Vegas’ Best 10 Massage Therapy

  1.     Massage Envy – Shadow Mountain – provides reliable and professional massage therapy at affordable rates
  2.     Relax Rehab Massage Therapy – offered by Laura Elliot; the best massage therapist and natural health specialist
  3.     Massage 1 Centennial – a true 60-minute massage for clients
  4.     Abode Kneads, LLC – offers the best mobile massage therapy services
  5.     Massage Well – offers professional treatments by certified and licensed massage therapists in Las Vegas
  6.     RX+ Massage – they provide deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, and Swedish massage
  7. – a focus massage center offering the best Chinese Massage therapy in Las Vegas
  8.     Proactive Health Therapeutic Services – a center specializing in sports massage and sports injury needs
  9.     Alignology & Associates – offers deep tissue and Swedish massage services
  10. Elements Massage – offers the best aromatherapy and trigger point therapy massage

1. Massage Envy – Shadow Mountain

This is one of the leading massage therapy centers in Las Vegas that strives to provide reliable as well as professional massage therapy treatments at an affordable price. They have the most skilled and licensed therapists that ensure you’re delivered with not only a relaxing but also a rejuvenating massage therapy treatment.

They’ll help you customize massage as well as facial services, meaning you’ll be served with excellent treatment and therapy that suits your needs.

Moreover, they have specialized in stretches and facial services. Their services will help you to correct bad posture, boost overall energy, relieve everyday stress, make the body run smoothly, and refresh your emotional outlook.

Ideally, Massage Envy Shadow Mountain has specialized in total body stretch, posture, acne back facial, reinforcement healthy, chemical exfoliation, advanced skin care treatment, rapid tension relief, and pregnancy.


Address: 6475 North Decatur Boulevard, Suite 160, Las Vegas, NV 89131

Phone: (702) 836-3689


2. Relax Rehab Massage Therapy

Relax rehab is a massage therapy by Laura Elliott; a natural health specialist as well as a massage therapist. She offers a very unique approach to how she treats the body by taking your story into account when building the treatment plan.

Perhaps, every client has a different story and hence treatments are different. However, she ensures that she offers personalized services to all clients. In fact, together with her staff, they’re constantly shifting to offer personalized massages and they’re growing as each session has to fit every client.

Massages are not just mere strokes but rather a form of bodywork. Laura and the staff will always first understand the person’s needs before they determine the type of massage therapy to offer.

They offer a plethora of services including Bowen therapy, manual/massage therapy, and intolerance elimination-Allergies.


Address: 8450 W Sahara Ave STE 109, Las Vegas, NV 89117

Phone: (702) 982-9011


3. Massage 1 Centennial

massage 1 therapy in las vegas

This is a family-owned clinic that offers one-hour therapeutic massage services to individuals in Las Vegas for the longest time possible now. It offers services in three categories; standard, specialty, and add-on.

The standard services include deep tissue, Swedish, and sports massages. Additionally, they have certified therapists that work on specialty massages designed according to your needs. Besides, they offer sugar foot scrub, aromatherapy as well as other additional services on top of the general massage experience.

Interestingly, they offer the services at low prices and you don’t require any memberships. The major objective is to offer clients relaxation as well as superior customer service. They’re open 7 days a week with fully licensed male and female massage therapists.

Their services include prenatal massage, CBD massage, Lymphatic Drain, couples massage, aromatherapy, sports massage, targeted stone therapy, Thai massage, and a sugar foot scrub.


Address: 6446 North Durango Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89149

Phone: (702) 432-4113


4. Abode Kneads, LLC

Abode Kneads, LLC, is a top Las Vegas wellness clinic that provides the best mobile massage therapy services to clients across the city as well as the surrounding cities. They have top certified massage therapists that have specialized in Swedish as well as deep tissue techniques.

Here. You’ll also get excellent sports massages and the best CBD oil massages. Moreover, moving out of the traditions, and in-house business model, they also serve clients right from the comfort of their hotel rooms or homes – the company headquarter is located in Henderson.

They are open throughout the week and you’ll get the most affordable services according to your needs.


Address: 2831 St. Rose Pkwy Ste 200, Henderson, NV 89052

Phone: (702) 605-0199


5. Massage Well

It’s a top massage therapy center in Las Vegas located within minutes of the world-famous Las Vegas strip. It offers professional treatments thanks to its certified and licensed massage therapists.

They strive to offer customers a valued touch of excellence at affordable prices. Their well-trained staff is committed to delivering support as well as comfort throughout your session.

The center has specialized in offering shoulder & deep tissue massage, Myofascial release, sports massage, prenatal massage, full body massage, Swedish massage, back massage, Craniosacral, and trigger point therapy massage.

They offer the best services at an affordable price and they’re open 7-days a week.


Address: 5300 West Sahara Avenue, Suite 203, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Phone: (702) 883-4593

6. RX+ Massage

They offer custom massage treatments to clients of varying ages, lifestyles, and body types. Besides, they practice a plethora of massage modalities to address all client concerns, including fatigue, injuries, pain, and muscle soreness.

Whether the client is an experienced athlete, stressed-out college student, exhausted parent, an individual recovering from injury, or even a child; they’ve got them covered. They offer services like deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, Gua Sha, Swedish massage, Reiki, stoned massage, pumpkin slut luxury massage, and cupping.

Its practitioners provide smooth as well as heated stone therapy to induce deep relaxation of muscles. Their therapeutic massage helps to restore the functional integrity of the body fluids, fascias, and muscles.

They’re open all days of the week and you can get the services at an affordable price. Besides, they’re very friendly, responsive, and helpful.


Address: 2625 South Rainbow Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Phone: (702) 803-7616


7. Asian Massage 2U offers massage therapy in a wide area as it covers not only the clients in Las Vegas but also the surrounding areas. They’re focused on providing the best Chinese massage therapy.

However, you’ll also get a variety of other services such as four-hand massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage, deep tissue massage, and full-body massage. Besides, they offer a special type of massage that’s applied for medical purposes.

They consist of certified and licensed Japanese and Chinese massage therapists that conduct the massage sessions at your location and will offer customized offerings accordingly.

The center is open to customers throughout the week, so you don’t need an appointment to receive the services. Moreover, their services are one of the most affordable in Las Vegas; hence you don’t have to worry about your pockets.

Their location is strategically situated so that you’ll have an easy ride and reach them. All you need to do is just walk in and enjoy the sessions.


Address: 3262 Jericho Street, Las Vegas, CA 89102

Phone: (702) 381-2213


8. Proactive Health Therapeutic Services

A good massage therapy services the clients of the city as well as those in the surrounding areas. That’s exactly what proactive health therapeutic services do – they cater to clients in Las Vegas and the areas nearby.

It’s a special sports massage center; hence a specialty core for all athletes from the apprentice to the utmost. They have the best literal sports massage therapist in Las Vegas in Scott Zelensky. He offers the best sports massages, whether you need acupressure assistance or even lymphatic massage.

His model of therapy services does not only treat the main cause of pain but also will help you protect yourself from future impairment and injury. Sports massage and injury massage can help relieve excessive training injuries, limited strength, sprains and strains, ligament pain, and muscular fatigue.

Zelensky is a member of the International Massage Association as well as the National Association of Massage Therapists. Therefore, you can be assured that you’ll get only the best massage therapy possible.


Address: 7473 West Lake Mead Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89128

Phone: (702) 330-5726


9. Alignology & Associates

Alignology massage therapist in las vegas

Alignology and associates offer massage therapy to help folks feel better, decompress, relax, and lower stress levels. It features a team of certified therapists that offer various services like Swedish massage, Thai, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage, and hot stone massage depending on your specific needs.

Moreover, the clinic provides functional as well as regenerative medicine to help and alleviate issues related to brain health, fertility health, weight balance, digestive health, and mood balance.

It’s one of the coolest massage therapy options that you can consider as they offer a plethora of services. Some of the common services that you’ll get include; acupuncture, IV therapies, yoga and breathwork therapy, chiropractors, muscle testing, chiropractic care for children, and hormone replacement.

There’s no denying that the satisfaction that comes with having a massage can help eliminate toxins faster, lessen injury recovery time, sleep better, reduce anxiety and/or depression, and several other significant benefits.

Massage therapy at Alignology is always available during the week and you’ll get the services at an affordable price. Their staff is the friendliest you can ever come across.


Address: 9525 Hillwood Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89134

Phone: (480) 719-5063


10. Elements Massage

Elements Massage has been in the game for some years now since it was established in 2003. The massage center is committed to providing the best massage services to promote its clients’ well-being via its excellent massage services.

They have licensed massage therapists that spend enough time with you to ensure that they understand the body’s demands and problem areas. Besides, they study the health conditions that you might have and then help to customize your experience to fully satisfy your needs.

More than anything, they listen to your needs as well as employ the proper technique to provide a truly therapeutic experience. They deliver more than 1,300 massage sessions in a month and they are available for same-day appointments when you have a monthly wellness membership.

They offer a plethora of services that include; prenatal massage, Swedish massage, back and neck massage, integrative reflexology massage, deep tissue massage, shoulder massage, trigger point therapy, and hot stone & relaxation massage.

Besides, they offer gift cards and certificates to clients – it’s the place that you need to take your massage experience to the next level.


Address: 1215 South Fort Apache Road, #150, Las Vegas, NV 89117

Phone: (702) 487-6677



With so many things happening around the world and people in constant movement; at some point, one needs the best massage therapy. Besides, good massage therapy is a remedy for several things like relieving stress, relaxing the body, treating an injury, and several other things.

Therefore, it’s a no-brainer to get the best massage therapy near you. Fortunately, there are several massage therapies in Las Vegas that you can choose from. Our list consists of the top 10 best massage therapists with the best ratings, the best history, high satisfaction levels, trust, and general excellence. We understand that you deserve only the best, and that’s why we’ve only listed the best.

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