Best Food Trucks in Detroit, MI

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Abel GAre you looking for the best food trucks in Detroit, Michigan? Fortunately, there are several food trucks in Detroit, MI that will even make your section process overwhelming.

Detroit is definitely known for its creative and delicious food. However, that’s not limited only to restaurants: Detroit’s food trucks in fact produce some of the most delicious as well as affordable food in the city.

Some of the best foods in Detroit can be found at food trucks. The reason being; they’re relatively cheaper and quick as compared to regular sit-down restaurants. Interestingly, in the summer nothing beats the experience of enjoying your meal at your picnic table in the park.

Therefore, to ensure that you get the best food truck experience, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best food trucks that you look out for in Detroit, Michigan.

10 Food Trucks In Detroit

  1. Detroit 75 Kitchen – this is an award-winning food truck with exceptional Mediterranean-inspired street food in a warm atmosphere.
  2. EL Guapo Grill – arguably Detroit’s first Mexican cuisine food truck
  3. Detroit Fleat – features the best environment that you can have your food outside under the trees
  4. Chicken Coupe – offers a creative spin on the food truck format
  5. EL Taco Veloz – a food truck that offers the best traditional as well as popular Mexican street food
  6. DelectaBowl – offers even catering services in Detroit
  7. Hero Or Villain Food Truck – arguably the favorite food truck in Detroit
  8. Tacos EL Caballo – they offer their comfort food services in a casual setting
  9. Katoi – a popular Thai pop-up as well as a food truck with a constantly changing menu based only on fresh available food
  10. Regina’s Food Truck – the best food truck that offers authentic tacos for the longest time now in Detroit

1. Detroit 75 Kitchen

detroit 75 catering food truck in detroit

Detroit 75 Kitchen is an award-winning food truck that offers exceptional food in Detroit for over 10 years now. They serve their Mediterranean-inspired street food in a comfortable warm atmosphere.

Their dishes are always approached from scratch and from the ground up in gourmet execution. Their main focus is to craft quality artisan sandwiches as well as meals that would undoubtedly appeal to their customers.

They have a complete set of picnic tables that are suitable for an exceptional spread of street food. Moreover, they have the most qualified and experienced chef that understands the type of meal they make. Their foods offered comprise lettuce, chicken, pickles, tomato as well as house-made garlic sauce.

Furthermore, they offer takeaway as well as delivery services. Their staff is friendly and accommodating as they ensure that all customer orders are properly done and on time. Some other food you’ll find include fresh strawberry lemonade, Vernor Hwy, Atwater chicken, shrimp Po’boy, fisher Fwy, BBQ Beef, shawarma, chicken tenders, BBQ Chicken egg rolls, and Russel street veggie among others.


Address: 4800 West Fort Street, Detroit, MI, 48209

Phone: (313) 843-3215


2. EL Guapo Grill

There’s no denying that Mexican food indeed sounds good, but when you visit EL Guapo, you’ll be served the best grilled Mexican food. It’s one of the best food trucks in Detroit that you’ll find offering the best grilled Mexican food at affordable rates.

Besides, they offer other various food options like guacamole – which won’t cost you extra. Also, on the menu, you’ll find chicken, Shrimp, Beef brisket, chorizo, pork belly, tofu, Korean beef, and many other food options.

This food truck has one of the best staff that you’ll admire; they’re not only friendly but also accommodating. Once you make your order, they’re always on the go to ensure that they serve you almost immediately.

Moreover, they have picnic tables and you’ll be served in a comfortable atmosphere where you can enjoy your favorite food. They offer services conveniently in major spots across the city; you can check their website for details as well as locations.

3. Detroit Fleat

It’s perhaps the only food truck park in Detroit where you will find the best food truck. The area was opened about seven years ago and has since become the best go-to center for the best street food in the city.

Besides, Detroit Fleat offers one of the best full bars apart from their exceptional food truck options. Therefore, if you like bar options, you can enjoy your moments on the move.

Moreover, you can opt to order your food online from any of their food trucks or you can reserve a spot whenever you want to dine in. One thing is for sure; they have arguably the best food truck collection, meaning this is the place you can be assured to get top-notch street food.

For instance, if you’re craving the best sandwiches, vegan options, meat, or even the best tacos in the city, then there’s no better place to get that than in Detroit Fleat. They have the friendliest staff that attends to customers on time, and they won’t keep you waiting with your orders.


Address: 1820 E 9 Mile Rd, Ferndale, MI 48220

Phone: (248) 607-7611


4. Chicken Coupe

This is a food truck that’s mainly dedicated to chicken as well as waffles, and they do creative improvisations. Literally, they serve more chicken, only that it’s just styled in different ways. Therefore, it’s easy to say that it’s the best spot if you’re a chicken lover.

Also, this food truck offers soul food desserts such as sweet potato fries and strawberry cheesecake. They have a friendly staff that attends to customers professionally and whenever you make your order, you’ll be served on time.

Moreover, they serve their food in a comfortable environment setting where you’ll enjoy your meal without any distractions. They have various locations across the city where you can dine in or have a takeaway. You can find their locations and hours on their webpage.

5. EL Taco Veloz

EL Taco Veloz is one of the famous food trucks that serve the residents of Detroit the best food options. The truck offers the best traditional as well as Mexican street food across the entire Detroit city. Interestingly, you’ll be served the best food at affordable prices.

Also, their dishes are prepared fresh as well as tasty using the freshest as well as highest quality ingredients. They have exceptional food options including amazing Taco, Quesadilla, and Tortas flavors that will make you feel out of this world. In fact, all the dishes are freshly prepared according to the customer’s orders.

Besides, their chef has vast experience in producing fresh as well as healthy food. They also put their own twist on the traditional home-style Mexican feast.

The main objective of EL Taco Veloz is to create an exceptional food truck dining experience that will definitely make you feel the best. Their Tripa, Cabeza, chorizo, coctel De Cameron, and marinated spicy pork will make you go back for more.


Address: 6170 Toledo Street, Detroit, MI 48209

Phone: (313) 663-0982


6. DelectaBowl

This is ideally a food truck that has specialized in comfort food in the city of Detroit. Their menu options are basically made to order as well as be served fresh. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best freshly served food in Detroit; then this has to be your destination.

They have a plethora of food options such as pulled pork, chicken, and pot pie. Besides, they have vegan as well as vegetarian treats. No wonder they have a reputation across the city as you can always see the truck on big occasions and events across the city with a huge line. Therefore, it’s easy to say that DelectaBowl is a famous food truck in the city with trusted quality food options.

Furthermore, they serve craft beer as well as other beverages to go with a customer order. Every day is a different creative motif for them, and they feature live trivia on Wednesdays. Therefore, for a tasty and fresh food experience, DelectaBowl is your go-to food truck in Detroit.


Address: 1820 E Nine Mile Rd. Ferndale, MI 48220

Phone: (248) 560-7433


7. Hero Or Villain Food Truck

hello or villain food truck

Hero or Villain food truck ranks among the top food trucks in Detroit that offers the best rotating menu of exceptional and delectable snacks. Besides, they provide various types of drinks.

Moreover, it’s a popular food truck in Detroit when it comes to the best food truck that offers exceptional sandwiches. It has been in service for more than 10 years and has provided thousands of customers with delight thanks to its best sandwiches and sides.

Interestingly, they have a friendly and courteous staff that serves customers as friendly as possible. Once you make your order, you can be assured that you won’t be left waiting for so long.

They have numerous points where you can dine in within a comfortable atmosphere. They also have a takeaway. Ideally, if you’re craving the best sandwiches in Detroit, Hero and Villain Food Truck has to be your go-to spot in the city.


Address: Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: (586) 894-8665


8. Tacos EL Caballo

This food truck invites you to try their comfort food in one of the most casual settings from their roaming food truck around Detroit. They offer an extensive Mexican food menu at an affordable cost.

They use natural, fresh, and high-quality ingredients to ensure that they stand out from the rest of the food trucks as well as eateries. Their delicate menu has a variety of Mexican eats that include Tacos, burritos, tostadas, and quesadillas.

Moreover, they feature a culinary, caring, and committed team that will guarantee an exceptional dining experience. Their menu features a variety of food that includes Ceviche with Cheese, Tortas, Tacos, Burritos with Cheese, Quesadillas, tostadas, Tacos with Cheese, and Carne with Cheese.

They offer their food across the city in several spots and you can find them most days of the week. Besides, they have a comfortable and relaxing environment where you can enjoy your favorite food.


Address: 1445 Springwells Street, Detroit, MI 48209

Phone: (313) 989-8426

9. Katoi

Katoi, much more like the same sounds is a popular Thai pop-up as well as a food truck in Detroit that offers some of the best food options to the residents of the city. It has been in operation for a long time, and over that period, it has built a name among the people of Detroit.

Katoi’s menu constantly changes based on whatever that’s local as well as seasonally fresh. Therefore, if you’re looking for a food truck that offers fresh food, you don’t have to look any further; Katoi food truck is the best option.

This food truck has built its name by serving dishes such as crispy Thai chicken, ramen soup, and fried chicken sandwiches. The truck is strategically located behind the two James Distillery in Corktown.

10. Regina’s Food Truck

This is a food truck that offers the residents of Detroit authentic Mexican food that has been made specifically from premium ingredients. Here, customers have an array of options on the menu and they can experience flavorful and rich options right from tamales to tacos.

Ideally, they offer the residents an authentic taste of Mexican food without necessarily making a reservation or dining in a restaurant.

Moreover, the truck is available for various occasions and events across the city. Therefore, it’s clear that it’s one of the best that you can trust. The menu here features classic Mexican food options freshly made from traditional and authentic ingredients. They also offer pick-up and delivery as well as food truck rental.


Address: Ferndale, MI 48220

Phone: (248) 842-9331



Are you looking to find food on the move? Food at food trucks is relatively cheap and inexpensive. Besides, they’re the testing ground for new ideas, meaning you’ll have the opportunity to eat new as well as creative dishes.

Detroit, Michigan features some of the best food trucks with an exceptional atmosphere to enjoy dine-ins or takeaway foods. Our list consists of the top 10 best food trucks in Detroit with the best food menus.

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