Best Dumplings in Detroit, MI

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Abel GThere’s no denying that dumplings are one of the most perfect foods in the world. Unfortunately, not all dumplings are created the same. However, when you know where to look, Detroit is home to arguably some of the finest dumplings around. For most folks that are foodies, naturally, they’re always on the hunt to eat at some popular spots every time they travel somewhere new.

So, are you in Detroit, Michigan and you’re looking for the best dumpling? Don’t worry, there’s a variety of the same that can even make it difficult to choose the best place to have your moments. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard part for you and we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 dumplings in Detroit, MI that you can consider.

Detroit’s Best 1O Dumplings

  1. Momo Cha – offers the best home-style Nepalese dumplings as well as snacks to the people of Detroit and its surroundings
  2. Shangri-La – they have specialized in authentic Cantonese cuisine and offer dim sum all-day
  3. Peterboro – they serve modern Chinese cuisine with American accents as well as craft beer, cocktails, and wine in chic surrounds
  4. Ima – they serve a plethora of Japanese-inspired noodles, dumplings, soups, sandwiches, rice bowls, and snacks
  5. Takoi – serves elevated plates as well as cocktails that have been inspired by the cuisine of Thailand
  6. Sun China – offers some of the best Chinese food
  7. PAO Detroit – features a robust drink menu and has unique amenities and décor
  8. Johnny Noodle King – offers ramen-style soups with the best global flavor combinations that will make you go for more
  9. Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails – they serve fresh new American cuisine from the local fisheries, farms, and butchers
  10. Perking Express – they offer a variety of dishes like shrimps, egg rolls, and fried rice among others

1. Momo Cha

This is a Nepalese restaurant that specializes in the best Nepalese dumplings as well as cuisine. All their food is made from scratch, and they use local sources as well as in-season food as you make your order. Therefore, it’s easy to say that Momo Cha only offers fresh meals all the time.

They’ve put all their focus on providing delicious authentic Nepalese dumplings to the people of Detroit. In fact, the menu here consists of delectable dumpling options and classic Nepalese cuisine.

Moreover, they have staff right from the kitchen to servers that are very friendly and offer services to clients in a professional manner.

Ideally, Momos are from a special South Asian spice blend of cilantro, ginger-garlic, turmeric, cumin, and masala mixes. It’s a place that you need to visit and experience their communal family dish honoring the spirit of Kathmandu. Perhaps, if you’re craving the best dumplings in Detroit, there’s no better place than Momo Cha.


Address: 474 Peterboro St, Detroit, MI 48201


2. Shangri-La

dumpling shops in detroit

Shangri-La is one of the oldest destinations in Detroit that has been offering exceptional dumplings for more than 20 years. It has built a reputation with the people of Detroit thanks to its premium dim sum as well as dumpling options.

Their menu features an exceptional collection of dumpling options together with other delectable dishes. Moreover, their food options are always made from scratch with premium ingredients, meaning quality is top-notch. Besides, they have a small selection of green, and red as well as mashed curry dishes.

Furthermore, you can taste some vegan dishes like braised fried tofu with black mushrooms and lettuce wrap. They also serve signature cocktails and local brews.

Also, they have a very friendly staff that serves customers with smiles on their faces. Service is always offered instantly. They’re open six days a week 11 am to 9 am and they’re closed on Sunday.


Address: 4710 Cass Avenue Detroit, MI 48201

Phone: (313) 974-7669


3. Peterboro

This is a casual Chinese-American restaurant that serves the people of Detroit and its surrounding. The restaurant offers a comprehensive menu with burgers that are made from either meat or plants and also some creamy cheese sauce that you can literally put on any burger.

Perhaps the restaurant showcases a plethora of popular dishes that have a modern American twist. One of the most interesting features of Peterboro is its mouth-watering variety of dumplings.

All the food at Peterboro is freshly made, which means you’ll always get your ordered food hot. Besides, they only use fresh and the best ingredients to ensure that they maintain top quality. Also, they have impeccable customer service, making the center a popular spot for the best dumplings in Detroit.


Address: 420 Peterboro St, Detroit, MI 48201

Phone: (313) 833-1111


4. Ima

This is a cozy ramen, udon, as well as rice bowl noodle shop at the heart of Detroit where most people prefer to have their dumplings. The center offers authentic Asian cuisine and some exceptional authentic Japanese foods. The shop has various spots within the city, meaning you can order your dumplings from several locations in Detroit.

They offer a wide range of food options such as the best dumpling collection, ramen as well as other tasty treats. The type of ingredients used here are the best and fresh all the time; you can be assured of top-quality meals any time either takeaway or dine-n.

Moreover, they have a very friendly staff that will accommodate any of your needs. The variety of food options on their menu might leave you wanting to experience all their food. Therefore, if you’re in Detroit and looking for the best dumplings or any other exceptional Asian cuisines, there’s nowhere better to look than at Ima center.


Address: 2015 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216

Phone: (313) 502-5959


5. Takoi

Takoi is one of the best Thai restaurants in Detroit that offers elevated plates as well as cocktails that have been inspired by the cuisine of Thailand. It features a hussle kitchen that’s open to customers with exceptional dishes and cocktails using the best Thai ingredients.

The shop has been in operation for almost 10 years; it began as a food truck and slowly evolved into an Ann Arbor pop-up and now a proper restaurant. Despite the fact that it had the worst moment with a fire accident, it has risen from the ashes to become one of the best centers where you can have exceptional dumplings in Detroit.

They offer a variety of other food options including patio, Thai plates, cocktails, and several others. Besides, they offer delivery in Detroit. You can visit the restaurant for dine-in or takeaway food.


Address: 2520 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216

Phone: (313) 855-2864


6. Sun China

Sun China is an unassuming Cantonese as well as Sichuan restaurant in Detroit offering some of the best food options that you’ll ever dream to have ever. Their portions are generous and the food is delicious.

In fact, the center is recognized for its modern interpretation of traditional dishes as well as its insistence on only using the highest-quality fresh ingredients. Moreover, they’re known for their exceptional Chinese food options, outstanding service as well as friendly staff.

They have one of the most qualified and experienced chefs that prepare flavorful dishes that offer you a reason to enjoy each bite. They also have exceptional customer service as they are not only fast, but also very friendly. In fact, they’re so quick that they make it merely an in-and-out process to pick up the food.

Their menu features a variety of other food options such as scallops with garlic sauce, egg foo young, chop suey, chow Mein, sweet and sour chicken, har kow, crispy noodle, special combination, lunch combinations, almond chicken, and several other options.


Address: 16921 Telegraph Rd, Detroit, MI 48219,

Phone: (313) 532-2828


7. PAO Detroit

PAO Detroit is simply a pan-Asian restaurant that features a robust and elevated drink menu in Detroit. The restaurant is located in the former Michigan Oriental Theater which was built in the 1920s.

Therefore, the place is full of ethnic pasts and they’ve tried to maintain the city’s collections as part of the center’s dining knowledge. The restaurant has some of the best and most experienced chefs and together with the PAO culinary team, they make the menu flavors delicious that will leave you wanting more.

Besides, their drink menu offers friendly, but exceptional Asian spirits that are appreciated as a vintage option. Therefore, you can stop by to sip your favorite handcrafted cocktail or simply share a meal with your friends and loved ones.

They have a friendly staff that serves customers with respect and professionalism. The restaurant is usually open throughout the week and features unique décor as well as amenities. It’s easy to say that it’s a place to have your best food.


Address: 114 W Adams Ave Suite 200, Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: (313) 816-0000


8. Johnny Noodle King

Are you looking for international-inspired ramen dishes that are different from the more traditional Japanese ramen? Johnny Noodle King must be your go-to place. It’s a fun as well as a casual spot with the owner passionate about food and drinks.

The center has been operating for almost ten years now, and it’s the best destination for Asian cuisine in Detroit. They have specialized in premium noodles as well as several other dish varieties.

In fact, their menu consists of the most mouth-watering food variety that is all made fresh. Besides, they use fresh ingredients to ensure that every bite of the customer is unforgettable.

Their dumpling options are something most customers can die for, and interestingly, they have a variety. The staff is also very friendly and they’re more than happy to serve the customers. Therefore, Johnny Noodle King is the best destination for the best noodles and dumplings in Detroit.


Address: 2601 W. Fort Street Detroit, MI 48216

Phone: (313) 309-7946


9. Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails

dumpling options in detroit mi

If you’re looking for a bright, vibrant, and friendly restaurant that serves the best fresh new American cuisine, then there’s only one option for you – Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails. The restaurant utilizes local farms, fisheries as well as butchers.

The menu here changes on a daily basis depending on seasonality as well as the availability of fresh local ingredients and inspiration. They encourage the local farmers as well as brigands. Therefore, you can be assured that you’ll be served fresh food options any time you visit the restaurant.

Moreover, they have not only qualified chefs, but also very experienced ones who endeavor to offer their quality elements. You’ll be served delicious food alternatives that you can enjoy every bite.

They also have a confident and joyful staff that you’ll enjoy as they serve you. They ensure that they assist customers to make their moods surpass those they stepped in with. Therefore, it’s a place you don’t want to miss out on visiting.


Address: 15 E Kirby St D, Detroit, MI 48202

Phone: (313) 818-3915


10. Perking Express

Perking express is a Chinese restaurant, whereby diners can step in and enjoy a variety of dishes like shrimps, fried rice, chicken, spring rolls, and egg rolls among others. It’s one of the centers that offer the most delicious food, with honey chicken being especially popular.

Interestingly, their service is quick thanks to their friendly and professional staff. Also, they have an exceptional atmosphere that makes it one of those places you can enjoy by simply having a sit.


Address: 3444 E Jefferson, Detroit, MI 48207



Detroit is home to some of the best dumplings, and its strength lies in the great variety from the Nepalese Momos to a plethora of cuisine. Unfortunately, if you don’t know where to look, it might be difficult to enjoy your favorite food. Therefore, to ensure that you stay ahead of the pack, our list offers you the best dumpling options in Detroit that you can visit to enjoy your food.

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