Best Dieticians in St. Louis, MO

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Abel GAre you in St, Louis, Missouri, and struggling with various health-related problems? Or are you struggling to lose weight? There’s no denying that most folks are looking for different ways to help them improve their diet for various health reasons. Therefore, if you’re in that situation, then you don’t have to worry as you’ve just landed in the right place.

There are several dieticians in St. Louis that will help you in a plethora of areas and within a few days, you’ll be stress-free. However, you need to find the right dietician that will ensure you get the correct attention.

Below is a list of the top 10 best dieticians in St. Louis, MO that you can contact for the best services in the city.

Top 10 Dieticians in St. Louis

  1. Studio Element – the best dietician that offers professional dietary practices as well as the most comprehensive fitness training
  2. Dr. Amber Wamhoff, RD – has the easiest scheduling and features the lowest waiting time
  3. Dr. Delia Garcia, MD – this is where you’ll get the friendliest staff and quality services
  4. McDaniel Nutrition Therapy – offers expert wellness programs
  5. WW Studio – offers the best weight loss programs and will help you achieve your health goals
  6. Thinnergy Medical Weight  Loss – offers personalized plans to clients to achieve their health goals
  7. New Leaf Nutrition – offers its customers personalized and unique health programs
  8. Nutriformance – the best nutrition coaching company that features blended nutrition discipline as well as personal training
  9. SLIM180 Weight Loss – provides clients with a well-balanced food plan
  10. Move by BJC – one of the best in offering clients the safest health programs at affordable prices

1. Studio Element

This is one of the best centers in St. Louis that you can visit and be assured that you’ll have your dietary problems solved. They have specialized in offering clients professional dietary practices as well as comprehensive fitness training.

In fact, they feature one of the most professional dietary specialists around Missouri that will ensure you have the best services. Besides, they have the most effective and affordable wellness programs.

Their staff is one of the friendliest around and assists clients with all their concerns and educates them accordingly on the correct health practices. Moreover, they have the best well-maintained premises, giving you a pleasant environment where you’ll enjoy effective fitness training.

Their efficient diet and wellness programs are not only effective but also safe. Therefore, it’s easy to say that with them your health problems are well taken care of.


Address: 2001 S Hanley Rd #540, St. Louis, MO 63144

Phone: (314) 623-9904


2. Dr. Amber Wamhoff, RD

Amber Wamhoff, RD is merely a dietician in St. Louis and offers some of the best health practices to clients to help them achieve their goals.

For instance, she has more than 30 years of experience as a registered dietician and has specialized in helping people with problems such as diabetes, metabolism, and endocrinology.

She accepts new clients all the time, and she has the lowest waiting time. Moreover, she has employed a friendly staff that attends to clients not only professionally but also takes care of all your needs in a friendly manner.

You can make an appointment in one of the easiest ways, as you don’t need a long procedure. Besides, she has competitive rates and she accepts some insurance. Therefore, you can visit her and check whether she accepts your insurance. However, generally, she’s one dietician that will take care of all your needs effectively.


Address: 1602 S Big Bend Blvd Saint Louis, MO 63117

Phone: (314) 583-4525

3. Dr. Delia Garcia, MD

Dr. Delia is a certified health coach that loves working with families and individuals that are willing to take personal responsibility as well as gain knowledge and skills for lifelong transformation.

In fact, she’s listed among America’s best physicians and she’s an expert in breast cancer. She believes that living a healthy life starts with achieving a healthy weight. That’s why she even trains, develops as well as supports health coaches and she offers her business opportunity to those folks looking to make a difference in health.

She has specialized in dietary management, preventive medicine, radiation oncology, and nutritional therapy. Contact Dr. Garcia for a free consultation from anywhere you are as she’s flexible with phone calls and even video conferencing.


Address: 7251 Forsyth Blvd Saint Louis, MO 63105

4. McDaniel Nutrition Therapy

mcdaniel nutrition therapy

This is a center that provides exceptional wellness programs in St. Louis that are both effective and safe for clients. Ideally, you’ll get one of the best-skilled dieticians that prepare the finest health programs for clients. Their level of expertise makes them stand out and you can be guaranteed the best.

Besides, the entire staff is committed to ensuring that they assist their clients in all ways possible to sustain the healthiest lifestyle. The specialists here create personalized programs when addressing various clients with different individual health goals.

The center focuses on various services, including weight loss programs as well as sports nutrition. Therefore, once you visit them for your special needs, you can be assured that they’ll give you personalized attention as well as guide you through all you need to do to achieve your health goals.

Finally, they have arguably one of the best customer support that’s always ready to take care of all client inquiries and questions about their services. Therefore, if you want to inquire about anything – like the type of insurance coverage they accept, you’re free to hit their website or call the number for answers.


Address: 230 S Bemiston Ave Suite 430, St. Louis, MO 63105

Phone: (314) 530-7400


5. WW Studio

WW Studio is one of those centers that you need to visit if you’re looking to improve your general health. It’s a center that features the best dieticians in the city and will help you achieve your weight loss goals as well as live healthier as they provide excellent weight loss programs.

For a long period, WW Studio has helped millions of folks lose weight. They have experts that offer tailored programs as well as meal plans for every client’s specific needs.

Interestingly, they have an application that’s personalized with trackers, tips, and fit points, as well as tools that are designed to help you lose weight easier. In fact, they’ve taken dietary to the next level.

They’re always available for customer convenience and you can access their services 24/7 love coaching section. Moreover, they offer their services at the most competitive rates, meaning you won’t have to worry about your pockets getting drained.


Address: 7251 Watson Road, St Louis, MO 63119

Phone: (800) 651-6000

6. Thinnergy Medical Weight  Loss

When talking about getting your health on track, it always starts with getting your weight on track. Thinnergy offers the best weight-loss programs to clients that are tailored in accordance with healthy weight-loss practices.

It’s a clinic that provides specialized plans to ensure that clients get the best services when it comes to healthy weight loss.

Dr. Elizabeth Laffey, a board-certified physician, will ensure that you get the exceptional help that you need to shed some unwanted pounds. Besides, they feature the best supervised and physician-created diet plans, lifestyle management as well as motivational coaching to help you with your individualized weight loss goals.

Furthermore, they offer a plethora of products and plans that will undoubtedly fit your weight loss needs. The reason is; they design individualized weight loss plans by utilizing all the delicious meal replacement shakes as well as all-natural metabolism boosters. Therefore, you can be assured that you’ll only get the best solutions to help you boost your lifestyle and health.

Also, they offer free consultations, meaning you’re free to ask them whatever you have in mind. Besides, they offer services at the most affordable rates.


Address: 11477 Olde Cabin Road, Suite #240, St Louis, MO 63141

Phone: (314) 665-3016


7. New Leaf Nutrition

Sometimes all it requires is a unique health program to get you on track. Fortunately, New Leaf Nutrition offers their customers not only personalized health programs but also unique programs that are effective.

They’re arguably the biggest fitness company that has a competitive staff of dieticians that have extensive experience in providing clients with professional wellness programs. They’ll ensure that you get it right with your diet schedule to help you achieve your health goals.

Basically, they create unique health practices for their clients and they provide them with special fitness attention all the time. Moreover, their friendly staff will always happily help you through the membership process and will guide you throughout their premises.

Furthermore, you’ll enjoy their active customer service team that caters for all client consultations and inquiries about their services. They’re well located in the city and you always contact them for the best wellness programs.


Address: 18 W Industrial Dr. Suite 2, O’Fallon, MO 63366

Phone: (314) 626-3472


8. Nutriformance

nutriperformance dieticians in st. louis

More like ‘Performance’, Nutriformance is merely a premier nutrition company that provides the best-blended nutrition discipline as well as personal training. It offers exceptional wellness programs that will undoubtedly improve your general health.

Moreover, the company features sophisticated training facilities that will give you a professional ambiance within the premises. Moreover, they have a highly trained team of dieticians ready and prepared to offer their clients unique dietary and training programs personally addressing their individual fitness goals.

For instance, the staff will help you with the entire enrolling process to ensure that you get exceptional customer service. Their services cover a wide area including nutrition coaching, personal training, corporate fitness, and many more.


Address: 10407 Clayton Rd, Frontenac, MO 63131

Phone: (314) 432-6103


9. SLIM180 Weight Loss

If you’re looking for the best dietician in St. Louis with an array of experience in the field, then you need to visit the SLIM180 weight loss center. They have the best dieticians in the city that offers their clients a well-balanced food plan which includes regular grocery store foods.

They have the friendliest staff that takes you across their premises as well as introduces you to their SLIM180 program. The food plan that they offer includes all the food categories that you can easily learn how to go about in your lifetime.

Moreover, they have a custom-tailored program that suits every client. The focus here is to help you improve your general quality of life as well as health by simply achieving the permanent solutions to losing weight.

Besides, their program does not only focus on weight loss but also will teach you how to stabilize the weight as well as how to permanently perform a 180 via a changed as well as vibrant lifestyle.


Address: 10905 Olive Boulevard, St Louis, MO 63141

Phone: (314) 994-7701


10. Move by BJC

The major aim of Move by BJC is to provide clients with the safest health programs at affordable rates. In fact, they’re one of the companies where you can get your health problems solved at the lowest prices.

The wellness company features responsive customer support services that take care of reservations of inquiries and slots of clients in a friendly manner. Besides, their staff is professional and highly knowledgeable and offers the best wellness solutions as well as health programs.

Their dieticians have vast experience crafting exceptional wellness programs, and hence, they’ll provide you with safe and practical health procedures to help you achieve your fitness goals.


Address: 4220 Duncan Ave Unit 103, St. Louis, MO 63110

Phone: (314) 286-0525



Everyone has their own fitness level requirements; therefore, all that you need is the best dietician to help you achieve such goals. Fortunately, there are several dieticians in St. Louis that you can choose to offer the best wellness programs. However, you should be aware of other below-bar dieticians.

The good news is that our list consists of the best dieticians in St. Louis that you can consider to help you achieve your fitness levels. Make your decision today, and take your health to the next level.

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