Best Dance Clubs in Memphis, TN

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Abel GThere’s no denying that Memphis is the home of live music scenes, however, finding the best dance club in the city is not a walk in the park. The good news is that you don’t have to fear; we’ve got your back as we provide you with the best dance clubs in Memphis, Tennessee.

One thing is for sure; there’s always a place for you to move to the beat in Memphis – all you have to do is to decide what beat you want. Below is a list of the top-rated 10 dance clubs in Memphis that you can choose from.

Memphis’s 10 Top Dance Clubs

  1.     Paula & Raiford’s Disco – the best two-story nightclub at the heart of Memphis
  2.     WKND Hang Suite – if you’re looking for the best place to relax and unwind, then this is the best place
  3.     Rumba Room – the busiest hotspot in Memphis with the best bar area
  4.     Wild Bill’s – the best option with soul food as well as 40-ounce beers
  5.     Tin Roof – your go-to dance club in Tennessee
  6.     Classic Soulz – features several live events with craft cocktails as well as great music
  7.     Club 152 – one of the must-experience dance clubs in Memphis
  8.     Electric Cowboy – best teen dance club
  9.     Classic Hitz – offers the best soul music for everybody
  10. Mollie Fontaine Lounge – takes live dancing experience to the next level

1. Paula & Raiford’s Disco

This is one of the most well-known nightlife spots in Memphis that most probably your mom warned you about – and that’s why most folks love it. The two-story nightclub features chandeliers, balloons, fog machines, leather couches, disco balls, handprints on the wall, and most significantly great music.

Thanks to their modern amenities and facilities, Paula offers unmatched entertainment with the best sound system and leather couches for an extreme comfort feel.

Unfortunately, they only permit folks that are aged 21 years and above with valid ID proof. The dance club features VIP rooms with an ATM inside for your convenience of transactions – you don’t need to walk out into the streets to fetch cash.

Besides, they offer limousine services for pick up as well as drop off. The nightclub usually operates from Friday to Saturday and only from 10 in the evening to 4 in the morning. Given that it operates only two nights a week, you definitely need to be at the doors on Friday or Saturday night at 10, especially if your time in Memphis is limited.


Address: 14 South 2nd St, Memphis, TN 38103, United States

Phone: (901) 521 2494


2. WKND Hang Suite

The nightclub is merely the best place in Memphis where you can go for the best night of dancing, music as well as food. In fact, it came into existence as a dedication to friends to have a place where they can enjoy excellent night music, dancing, and food.

They offer food here at the most affordable prices since its introduction in 2013. Since then, they’ve built a reputation as one of the best dance clubs in Memphis, Tennessee.

Besides, they’re the best option for folks that enjoy the party vibe but without getting involved in the dancing as well as the heart-pumping environment. They only need to savor the amazing atmosphere as they enjoy the delectable dinner menu.

They offer the best happy hour and you don’t want to miss their R&B Thursdays that will make you want to stay there all the time. Every individual at the WKND Hang suite from the surety guards, the waitress, the DJs, and even the cooks are amazingly friendly.


Address: 115 Vance Ave, Memphis, TN 38103, United States

Phone: (901) 654 3867


3. Rumba Room

Perhaps the first salsa club in the city, Rumba Room is much like a love letter to most folks in the area. It features a swanky bar area, a menu that’s full of Cuban as well as Latin-inspired appetizers, a colorful mural, and a large area where you can flex your muscles.

Rumba Room is primarily a DJ-driven dance club as they offer salsa music every Friday and Saturday night. Moreover, they have an occasional live band that makes the nightclub one of the best places that one has to visit.

Moreover, they offer free salsa lessons both evenings from 9:30 and 7 in the evening on Friday nights.

On Thursday night, they offer a mix of R&B, hip-hop, and some old-school jams. Apparently, there’s no cover on Thursday nights, but one has to be above 21 years to be allowed in. However, for salsa nights, entry is 18 and above with ladies above 21 free until 10 p.m.

Unfortunately, they don’t allow folks to wear plain white t-shirts, baggy or long pants, and tennis shoes.

Also, you can call ahead to reserve a table or booth for parties of four or more individuals – you’ll be happy you did.


Address: 303 South Main Street, Memphis, TN 38103

Phone: (901) 523 0020


4. Wild Bill’s

Wild Bill’s is undoubtedly a quintessential juke joint in the city thanks to its menu of soul food as well as 40-ounce beers. Here, the folks sit together around tables and listen to great music as well as relax.

In fact, the real deal place if you’re looking for a place with great music in Memphis. For instance, the 40-ounce beers come with some plastic cups on top, meaning you can easily share.

The house band is Memphis Soul Survivors playing on Friday and Saturday nights – you can be assured that the music is always solid.

The dance floor is a special place to be for some folks, and you’ll enjoy the best music throughout. However, you have to be aware that they have a small area that gets crowded more easily, meaning you might be dancing with a stranger more than your friend. But generally, it’s one of the best places you don’t want to miss – for a true experience; you better not come before 11 p.m.


Address: 1580 Vollintine Ave Memphis, TN 38107

Phone: (901) 409-0081


5. Tin Roof

Found at the most popular Beale street downtown Memphis, Tin Roof dance club is strategically situated as it’s close to parks, hotels, as well as tourist destinations. In fact, it’s one of the most spacious dance clubs in the city featuring about 12,000 sq. feet of interior space as well as a spacious patio that’s capable of housing more than 800 guests.

Moreover, there’s a green room section as well as mezzanine-level rooms that offers not only convenience and privacy but also flexibility to guests.

If you’re the best fan of the local musicians, then this is the place you need to be to meet with them – local musicians are the highlight of this club. Besides, the club is complemented with modern sound systems and lighting systems. The nightclub hosts Trevor Berryhill every Tuesday, Alex Lastort heats the air on Wednesday, Cody and Adam McClelland take the stage on Thursday, and Friday is the turn for Robby Davis, Rodell McCord as well as the talented DJs.

Therefore, it’s easy to say that if you need the best dance club in Memphis, Tin Roof is the best option for you.


Address: 315 Beale St, Memphis, TN 38103, United States

Phone: (901) 527 9911


6. Classic Soulz

There’s no denying that there are several good night dance clubs in Memphis, but it goes without saying that Classic Soulz is one of the best that you can consider. For instance, it conducts cash out on Saturdays, foursome down on Thursdays, it’s the turn for Saturday night specials as well as night soundstage events on Fridays.

As that’s not enough, the team at Classic Soulz features a plethora of live events with a touch of craft cocktails as well as excellent live music.

Besides, you can book a private party via a phone call – they as well provide a booth reservation that includes admission for four individuals. Moreover, there’s a money booth for the birthday person. Free table reservation booking is available to customers until 10:30 p.m.

To be allowed into the club, one has to be 25 years and above. They’re open from Monday to Saturday 9 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Get there and enjoy the nightlife experience like no other with your loved ones and friends.


Address: 1027 East Brooks Road, Memphis, TN 38116

Phone: (901) 406-3960


8. Club 152

If there’s a must-experience night dance club in Memphis, then you can’t go past Club 154! The club features up to three floors of dance space and each with its vibe – there’s virtually something for each dance taste.

For instance, the first floor features either live music, or you’ll have the best DJs spinning true dance tracks dating back to the 70’s up to date. In fact, depending on the night, live music will start the evening and later the DJs will take over to lift the crowd.

The first floor is usually open nightly and the other floors are always open only on Friday and Saturday nights. The second floor mostly focuses on mainstream hip hop as well as old-school jams with later in the evening getting into the true crank. Pro Tip: the vibe is always dark, hip lounge with an all-beautiful female staff.

Floor three is merely funk-a-Licious with mammoth video screens as well as mirrored walls, and it’s where inhibitions drop.

Truly, you don’t want to miss the experience in this place!


Address: 152 Beale Street Memphis, TN 38103

Phone: (901) 544-7011


8. Electric Cowboy

This is where you need to think urban cowboy with a touch of laser lights as well as bikini contests or maybe plenty of tight jeans, cowboy hats as well as tooled belts. That’s the experience you’ll find in this major country music bar.

It’s simply easy to say that here the crowd is basically country. In fact, the electric cowboy is among the few dance clubs in Memphis where the clientele is purely uniform.

You’ll get plenty of two-stepping as well as line dancing, and when you don’t know the moves; you don’t have to fear as they offer lessons and instruction both nightly.

If you’re hoping to get a more grown-up experience, then you’ll need to avoid Thursdays as that’s when the club is open to the 18s and college nights.


Address: 6160 Macon Rd. Memphis, TN 38134

Phone: (901) 377-4001


9. Classic Hitz

classic hitz dance club in memphis

Classic Hitz dance club is a premier hang-out place for nightlife fanatics in Memphis. The spot is majorly known for its exceptional live entertainment as well as its excellent bar food menu. In fact, it’s the place where you get the best live music feeling while you enjoy the best food served by the friendliest waiters.

Here, there’s no doubt that you’ll meet like-minded folks that share a passion for dancing, good food, and general fun. For the longest time possible, the dance club has been a go-to for most individuals (about over 20 years) and still going strong as the best choice spot for fun.

The club offers superior live entertainment with music acts and super DJs gracing the stage of the club to pump up the night atmosphere.


Address: 1027 E Brooks Rd, Memphis, TN 38116, United States

Phone: (901) 396 0090


10. Mollie Fontaine Lounge

One of the standout things about Mollie Fontaine is the fact that it’s housed in an excellent Victorian mansion that has been stuffed with retro as well as vintage chic décor, funky little chairs, overstuffed loungers, and super-cool lighting.

You’ll get a mix of live music from a pro and the best mix from the best DJ. There’s a full bar, and usually, anything cold or wet comes right from a cooler tucked behind the bar.

Moreover, the types of plates you get served with are something scrumptious. They’re open during weekend nights with the best dance music.

They’re open Wednesday to Saturday from 5pm until late.


Address: 679 Adams Memphis, TN 38105

Phone: (901) 524-1886



There’s always a place for you to enjoy live entertainment and dancing in Memphis. The problem is knowing where to look for the best dance club in the city. Fortunately, our list offers the best dance clubs in Memphis, Tennessee that you can select from. It’s never a dull night in Memphis – you just have to pick the right spot.

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